Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Catalina Nebula #1

Catalina Nebula #1, originally uploaded by angryparsnip.

There was an incredible storm hanging over the Catalina Mountains during
the 2009 Monsoons. When I downloaded the pictures all but the little 6
second movie came out black. They have been sitting in my " i photo"
since. I didn't hit delete right away and thank goodness I waited.
Look what happened !

I was playing around one day with the photos and I thought what would
happen if I hit enhance ? When I hit the button this is what
happened. . . Magic !
This is what was hiding under all that black !
Fabulous !

These photos reminded me of when I was at Kitt Peak Observatories and
bought some postcard with the stunning images of Rosetta Nebula, Eagle
Nebula and Helix Nebula. ( May 27, 2009 post )

I am stunned ! These wonderful pictures came about because I under
exposed some storm shots ! Who knew ?

magical . . . parsnip
music . . . Epiphany, David Bridie


  1. Enhance, you say: I will have to try it. It looks to be a bit like wiping soot off, only digitally.

  2. Eryl. . .
    You are so right wiping soot off is the perfect example of what happened...
    I never throw away any art related items till I think/know I really can't use it... paper, nails, screws, glass, tile, magazines, newspaper, plastic bags, wire, stuff you fine rusting by the road anything and everything.
    That is why my home is rather spare and neat, I need quite space because my studio is crazy full of stuff.

  3. I wouldn't be surprised to see the finger of God coming from out of that cloud.
    On Picasa 'enhance' is 'I'm feeling lucky'

  4. You're becoming computer savvy!

    I'm so proud of you!

    *Wipes away a little tear*

  5. What Pat said about the finger of God.

    I've finally gotten the hang of taking pictues with a digital camera. I know it shouldn't have taken me so long -- I used to know how to use rather complicated cameras way back when. But shots like this are beyond me, no matter what camera I might use.

  6. Pat. . .
    The big sky around Tucson seems like God is there.
    That is so funny and possibly true as you kinda have to take what the program gives you !

    David. . .
    awwwww thanks you and your sister are great teachers.

    Mary. . .
    I really don't know how to take pictures with this camera, reading the info confusing so I just point and click.
    In Tucson I am lucky that Mother Nature puts on such a great show...
    I too learned on a complicated camera with lots of lenses and I have now forgotten it all ! plus who wants to carry all that equipment around, not me !

  7. These are such beautiful pictures! I'm glad you're playing around with your computer more :)