Saturday, February 17, 2024



 The Grapefruit.


                                                                            The Tree

                     I live somewhat close to Area 51. It is always a hoot to bring it into any story.

               Son brought in one Grapefruit from the tree that was almost killed several winters ago
                          after a Hard Freeze. I had it trimmed and left it alone to grow.Maybe ?

Unpacking several weird and wonderful items from my old studio.

                                                              Quick dinner one day.

OK,,, here it is looking from the pool into my new studio window, past the Hidden Garden to be.
Reflections of the Catalina Mountains and looking up to the narrow window at the top of the south wall.
                                                       I love reflection photos !
            Kitchen widow reflection of Kitchen nook and light, reflection and (old) studio door.

                                                                The very Gud Dugs !
                                                                       Cheers, parsnip



  1. Great shots. I, too, love reflection photos.

  2. Love those reflections Gayle - and the gud dogs too if course.

  3. Great photos, sweetpea! I love the reflections. We're experiencing rain here, but from the kitchen windows I can watch the clouds gather around the nearby mountain (actually more hill-like) range and slowly obscure them. xoxo