Saturday, February 3, 2024

Still Winter with much needed rain.


I have been sitting at my new desk in the new studio and watching the storm.
Lots of wind, rain, snow and hail



                                 Year of The Dragon... If you look in the middle of the photo the Dragon
                                            is rising up from the mountain with smoke and fire.



Young male Javelina. He has been kicked out of the herd by the leader. It always breaks my heart because as a single they are easy prey to all the evil awful "people" who like to shot and kill them. 
They drag them around behind their cheap destroyed Toyota trucks. and whoop. 
                          I hope he can find another Javelina and form a new pack family.


                                        Strange and wonderful candy that Granddaughter likes !

                                                                     cheers, parsnip



  1. Fantastic photos of dramatic views! Those clouds reminded me of the pics you had when the fires were burning. Clouds seem safer to see. Stay well!