Sunday, March 3, 2024

Getting ready for summer,


 New "pretend" grass taking place of the real grass.  I adore real green grass growing but it takes so  much water and I am trying to use less water. Plus the up keep is a huge pain. I still have the fruit trees and lots of rosemary for my Bees. 

Yuko and Winston playing on the new "grass" Love this photo of Sir Winston.  He is having problems with his back legs when he runs he does the little kick.

Agatha is enjoying the new grass. She took the first wee on it.  Agatha approved.

The solar is working wonderfully. Our electric bill has dropped to almost nothing. Plus we add to the grid. The solar will be helping us stay cool in our very hot summers.


Some fun treats from the Japanese Markets in San Diego. Items I can't find here.

Mr. and Mrs. Cutie Pie  Javelina trying to eat a huge seed ball. 

Interesting clouds.

Up Date.
Seeing Eye Doctor this week. Both eyes now giving me more problems. stick the needles in my eyes.
Yuck and yes it does hurt. I have been sleeping alot.
It is so hard for me to read and write the blog, read newspapers and books.
This is so Winston.


  1. I had no idea Winston had such a broad repertoire of tricks. The boys a genius. Fun photos and spectacular views as always. I can’t imagine what you’re going through with your eyes. My heart is with you.

  2. I adore the "STAY" square - hope he doesn't stray far!

  3. I'm so sorry you're still having eye problems. The thought of needles being used there makes my toes curl. The new lawn looks very nice and tidy. And as always, the gud dugs are adorable. X

  4. Well, that fake grass looks great! It's cute to see the gud dogs examining that new grass! Sorry to hear about your eyes and hope the treatments help.

  5. The grass looks great. Love the Javelinas! Sorry about your eyes, I hope your appointment offers some relief.