Friday, March 10, 2023

Snow Tucson Snow.

Last week we had  SNOW TUCSON SNOW. 
Wake up to a carpet of white then almost gone by the afternoon.
 In the valley light snow but lots more where I live in the foothills.
Six more inches in the Catalina Mountains. 
We so need this, fire season is coming.

                                We need to see how many oranges are left and the damage done.



                                                                  Now for some fun.


Small up date. . .
Been  busy, Doctor and Hospital busy.
David just came back from Hospital again. We though possible Stent Rejection but
so far not this problem.
Still having problems with my Eyes. 
Let me tell you having needles stuck in your eyes is not so much fun. 
My right eye looks like a bloody mess. Plus this makes me so tired.
Some happy to end with.

cheers, parsnip


  1. Oh, I love your photos! My favorite might be of the tree with the bright oranges popping out. I am sorry to hear that you and David have been having more troubles. Doctors and appointments can be so tiring and stressful. Wishing you both good health! Thanks for the cute photos of your gud dogs!

  2. You had a beautiful snow and those mountains are gorgeous! I'm sorry to hear about the trouble with your eyes. That needle sounds pretty scary. The gud dugs look as busy and beautiful as ever! I've been away from blogging for a while but I'm trying to get back at it. It's always wonderful to see you here!

  3. The snow is beautiful. Sir Winston and Agatha take their duties seriously.

  4. So sorry about all the medical visits. Wishing you BOTH well.

  5. Having multiple doctors visits and procedures must be exhausting. Hoping they sort out you and David 's issues very soon. Over here March came in like a lion and remains roaring. Another foot of snow predicted for Tuesday. We are winter weary and longing to see green outdoors instead of giant snowbanks! Take care friend Gayle. X

  6. Sorry to hear about the medical issues. Best wishes to all of you.

    Snow in Tucson! Who knew?

  7. Love and best wishes to you all (four legs included)

  8. Take care of your loved ones. I was in Tucson in late January for a couple of days, it is pretty there. It was colder there than in the Mid-west one morning.

  9. I'm just catching up here, been away from blogland for so long. Those are great snow photos. When I went to Tucson in February one year long ago, I visited Monument valley during my stay. The snow was PINK. I guess it picked up the colour of the dirt. I was amazed to see it. I'm sad to hear your health issues are dragging you down, it is indeed wearing to have discomfort hour after hour and day after day.