Thursday, October 14, 2021

Square Dog Friday. . . Dragon Cat #2

A few more photos of Oliver.

More info on last weeks blog.

Even though we have Merida, Winston and Agatha the house seems  so empty. 

Merida is not doing any better. She is in deep mourning. She doesn't eat or drink. Adam is trying everything to get her to eat. She is going twice a week for treatment at the vets.

Our hearts are breaking.

My Dragon Cat !



October so far has been just awful.

Oliver's death.

A car accident, everyone is sorta fine.

                                           I had 4 days of tests and Doctor visit. Exhausting.

My health insurance delayed and messed up my meds.

Somedays you just want to scream.


 Here is your pretty to start the weekend. . .

and a smile !

cheers,  parsnip 




  1. These are such beautiful pictures of Oliver. I know your hearts are broken. It is so difficult to lose someone so special. How sad to hear about Merida. Animals do mourn just like we do. I hope she improves soon.

    You have had a bad month with a car accident and medical problems on top of everything else! I am so sorry. I hope everyone is okay from the accident. Medical tests are exhausting and you had four days of them, how awful. I hope you are doing okay and your health insurance gets straightened out!

    The picture of the clouds is gorgeous! Please rest and take care of yourself. I send my love and especially to Merida.

  2. Car accident? Were you injured? Even if you didn't have any physical injuries, an accident can be emotionally exhausting. How awful to have your meds delayed. Poor Merida. Long ago when Thoreau the hound died, it was Faulkner the collie who found him and sounded the warning. Faulkner was depressed for weeks afterward and wanted to be alone. I know I have days when I want to scream. Your photo is beautiful and I like the brussels sprout cartoon. Loads and loads of love to you, dear one.

    And more love,

  3. So sorry it’s been such a difficult month. Wishing you better days to come. I’m going to have some French Roast.

  4. I am sorry for the troubles you have been having. Nice that you still find a smile for us even through your sad times. Keep your spirits up and stay safe!

  5. You really are having a tough time at the moment dear Gayle. Losing a beloved pet is always painful and always leaves a hole. I still miss my beloved Tess - but I just have to keep telling myself she is at peace. Look after yourself well.

  6. So sorry that you are having such a difficult time. Beautiful photos. The vegemouse made me smile. Hope Merida improves soon.

  7. I am sorry to hear about your Oliver. He was such a handsome cat. I hope that sweet Merida will overcome her grief soon.
    What a time for a car accident. I hope no one was injured. And then to have all of the rigamarole of doctor visits and insurance stuff. I hope that you have some calm time now and can rest up from sch an awful stretch of time.