Tuesday, October 26, 2021

Wednesday update.. .

Merida is doing somewhat better.
Son is taking such good care of her. Several new meds and every week 2 treatments at the Vet. 
Special foods that he makes hoping she will eat.


She is coming out into the living room and library. 
Not sure if she is looking for Oliver or just wants to go on walkabout. 

Some Halloween for you all.

Some special scary blueberry muffins.

Attack of The Agatha.

iwinston will be dressing up as a mad mad mad gud dug.


cheers,  parsnip

I would like to Thank such wonderful comments from...
Janie Junebug
Mitchell (Your blog rejects my comments?)
Ellen D
Carol Caldwell
Ellie Foster
Intangible Hearts
Lynn Benoit
Hope I haven't missed any one.

Son has appreciated all your Good Wishes.



  1. When I had a cat who wouldn't eat, the vet prescribed a gel-like substance in a tube that I was to give him twice a day. I think it provided protein and vitamins. He licked it from my finger eagerly. I'm glad Merida is improving and I love the wicked blueberry muffins.


  2. Glad things are going well. Sorry about Wordpress rejecting your comments on my blog. I promise it’s not me. My comments are regularly rejected on many blogs when I use my iPad. Never rejected (currently) when I use my desktop or laptop computer. I used to have no problem with the iPad. I have no clue.

  3. All good wishes are well-deserved my dear.

  4. So happy Merida is feeling better. She looks such a sweetie. Enjoyed the funnies today too. Nice Wednesday smiles. X

  5. Cute photo of Agatha and all her toys! Winston looks good and glad to hear that Merida is doing better. Hope you are doing well also!!

  6. It's good to hear that Merida is doing better. Hope you are doing okay too.

  7. It's going to take time for Merida. She is a dear.

    Agatha is a very efficient surgeon.

  8. I'm glad to hear that Merida is doing better. It's wonderful that she is in a home with people that love her and take such good care of her. It will take time for her to accept that Oliver is gone but all the love you and your son give her will help. I see that Agatha is honing her surgical skills for Halloween! I'm sure she and iWinston are looking forward to it. I hope both you and your son are doing well.

  9. Good to hear Merida is improving. It's such of difficult adjustment for the whole household.

    Pumpkin PI LOL