Tuesday, April 21, 2020

gud dug stuff maybe ?

iwinston gots my hot summer groomin' and herbal body wrap
nice tall person who feeds us "chkikin" asked for short eye fringies'
she be needin' to see iwinston eyes i gots' gud eyes

does miss agatha get "chkikin" 
ummmmmm agatha be not digin' in dirt just ran into sniffin'some dirt sorta'

 miss agatha be needin' chkikin'

miss agatha be likin' chkikin'
no lookin' at my sniffin' nose

yesh !

 more chkikin' peeeease
lookin' at my beautiful eyes

Trying to get a good photo of iwinstons summer cut.
iwinston gets board... love the way she cut his pantaloons short !


Here is your pretty to start the week

Be safe !
cheers,  parsnip


  1. Oh those faces! I'm thinkin' one good sneeze would take care of Miss Agatha's nose dirt, but stand back when it happens! Iwinston has inspired me...Miss Dottie is going to get a nice warm bath and trim today. And after a big brushing, we like to put her furs outside in a clean suet basket for the birds to use in nest building. It's fun to watch them carry it away in their wee beaks. Wishing you a wonderful week friend Gayle. X

  2. IWinston's eyes are beyond soulful! The are soul melting. And sweet Agatha. So glad they are all enjoying their chkikin and keeping you such good company.

  3. Hi, Gayle!

    Did I hear somebody mention "chkikin"? Yummy yummy yummy, I wants "chkikin" in my tummy! Winston always looks extra handsome after a grooming and herbal body wrap. Looks like Agatha's got a snoot full of dirt. Maybe she should blow her's nose before she eats her's "chkikin."

    I enjoyed seeing the pic of the proud mama and papa dog and all the newborn pups. I know dogs across the country are hoping this coronavirus thing comes around every year so that their humans can stay home and give them lubbins all day long (and "chkikin").

    Take care and enjoy the rest of your week, dear friend Gayle!

  4. He is sooooooooo handsome!!! Ohmigosh!!!! And dear Miss Agatha is her beautiful sweet self, adorable as always. Dirt up the nose happens!

  5. Love the eyes! His eyes are so full of love for his Mama! You have great pictures of the special chicken snack time. I love Agatha licking her lips in anticipation. Your funnies are great and those proud parents just bring joy to my heart. Take care dear friend!

  6. Beautiful eyes on both your dogs! Thanks for sharing.

  7. when good shopping is the new going out. HAhahahaha. Gud pups.

  8. Aww Winston’s eyes are mesmerizing! If I were there, I probably end up giving him too much chkikin :-) Agatha is so funny with dirt in her nose! Gud dugs!
    Oh I hope the doggie’s sprained tail heals quickly!

  9. Winston has very wise eyes. And GREAT eye brows!

  10. Winston is very handsome in his summer cut. Of course, he's always handsome!

  11. winston has eyes! we need to see more of them! hope you are safe and well, gayle.

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