Friday, August 9, 2019

Winston likes his water crunchy

Square Dog Friday is here !
So let's hit it.
woof !

All my Scotties love crunching ice !

 ohhhhhhhhhh what do iwinston be seein'

 owwwwwwohhhhh nurffff gurrrrrrr uffff

 yesh you bein' seeeeeeeeing small runnin' lizard agatha

 lizzzzzzarddddddd gurrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

 you be seeein' 


 When Agatha is upset she is very quiet and hides in plain site.
The start of a storm is coming. Then she jumps into action,
pacing, panting and crying. It is so very sad. We have the
calming spray, pills and the  Thunder Shirt.  They all sort of
help but she is still panicking.

iwinston loves the sun and wants to be outside all the time.
I have to drag him in. On this day 110 is just to hot for Little Square Black Dogs.
So back to the skylight, and cool tile floor in a AC home.

 Merida on her new Throne. Merida is the Queen and don't you forget it !

 She is so round she is her very own Orb.

 We call her "The Orb"

 Queen Merida only loves Son.

 Yes you. . . are beautiful !
Son took these Merida photos.



 before the dogs,

 Oliver would venture out more.

 They all love the chair.

The best chair in the house.

As alway here is you pretty for the weekend.
One of my favorites from a few years ago.

 I love single clouds !

The Scotty in the middle is so iwinston. He would be a great search and rescue gud dug !
This is one of my favorite strips, The Other Coast.
cheers,  parsnip


  1. Winston is such an intelligent looking dog isn't he?

  2. Your four legged company are all so cute!

    And they know it!

  3. Hi, Gayle!

    I loved that video of Winston. My dog Toto also used to love crunching on ice cubes. On hot summer days we floated a few in her water bowl. She always "bobbed" for them, splashing most of the water out onto the floor. It was funny to see Winston and Agatha at the windows on Lizzerd Patrol. I am so sorry Agatha still has a rough time during storms in spite of the spray, meds and Thunder Shirt. I hope that improves in time. It was great to see your black kitties in this post. It is hard to believe they still haven't warmed up to your dogs after all this time.

    That multicolored skyscape is stunning!

    Have a safe and happy weekend, dear friend Gayle!

  4. Your pictures are all wonderful. That close up of Oliver is amazing! It is really sad that Agatha is so afraid of storms, poor baby. I hope you and your dear ones have a happy weekend.

  5. Oh, those pooches. Oh, those cats. And, oh, those spectacular skies and views!

  6. Love the crunching sound Winston made! So refreshing :-) He and Agatha are so adorable together watching lizard!
    Merida is round and beautiful. The orb is purrfect nickname for her :-)

  7. I love to see your four legged friends.
    Super video too, great crunching sounds …

    All the best Jan