Friday, July 26, 2019

Square Gud Dug Friday. . .

woof !


Back from the groomers !

Evening storm.

Agatha is not happy !

 When Agatha gets upset or barks her hair on her head and shoulders stands up.
Her first time with the Thunder Shirt.

 iwinston is the king of photobombs!


As always here is your pretty for the start of the weekend.

 Oliver curls up.



Merida and Oliver

cheers,  parsnip


  1. I have heard good things about those Thunder Shirts. Did it work for Agatha?

    Your pictures of your animals are always precious.

  2. Hi, Gayle!

    It's great to see Oliver and Merida in today's post, dear friend! They've been making themselves scarce lately. Seems Winston gets groomed every couple of weeks. In this heat, it should make him feel better. This is my first exposure to the dog/cat anxiety vest called the Thunder Shirt. Curious, I just finished watching a promotional video about the wrap and its calming effect on animals. It was fascinating to learn how it works. I hope Agatha gets used to hers and that is helps her weather the storm.

    Have a safe and happy weekend, dear friend Gayle!

  3. Agatha: "shredkilldestroy!"

    Winston is looking quite handsome!

    And such feline cuteness!

  4. It's super that Agatha feels secure enough to play so enthusiastically. I hope the thunder shirt helps keep her anxiety under control during storms. I wish I'd had something like that when we had our last dog. He was a big boy, but he was a big baby as soon as the thunder boomed. Then he became a lap dog.

    Not only is Winston a gud dog. He's all handsome in his new do, too.

    Your kitties are beauties, too. I especially like the curled-up poses. :)

    Have a super weekend. Keep cool!

  5. Hoping the Thunder Shirt works for sweet Agatha. We discovered putting it on the Pip sometimes 'Just because' also helped her to not always associate it with potential booming noises. That gud dug iwinston is so very sleek and handsome in his fresh hairdo! Love the photo of puffed up and posing Merida in front of your pretty pottery. Have a good weekend. X

  6. Can you tell if the thunder shirt is working? I almost bought one for my little dog Bo, but the vet thought it might not work for him. But Agatha is having so much fun with her toy! It's sad she is so afraid of storms. Winston looks elegant after his grooming.

  7. Handsome Winston. Poor Agatha. Beautiful Merida and Oliver. I need a day at the groomer.

  8. I hope the Thunder Shirt works. Wonderful pictures!

  9. I love the ginger sideburns that Winston seems to be developing.

  10. Wow Winston is looking super shiny! What a gorgeous gud dug he is :-) I love the video of Agatha doing surgery. She really loves it, doesn’t she? :-) I hope thunder shirt helps her cope with bad weather.
    Great to see Oliver and Merida! They are such beautiful kitties!

    Have a wonderful weekend xo

  11. Winston looks incredibly suave, doesn't he! A real dog about town! Oliver and Merida make a lovely pair. I'm sorry for Agatha, thunder is so upsetting for many animals.