Friday, January 4, 2019

Square Dog Friday

Square Dog Friday is here, best day of the week.
So let's woof it.

Dressed up after his Herbal Body Wrap !

 Agatha likes to photo bomb.

 what'cha doin' mum i'm here for truff truff

 Princess Truffles sleeping

 Her leg is three times as big as it should be. The tumor keeps growing.
As I said before we are not having the surgery the cancer spreads after
each operation. It is already up to her shoulder on the way to the brain.

 She is the sweetest wee gud dug and is always happy.
 Agatha is usually found near her, taking care.

 Truffles and her posse.

 I love this photo. She is smiling.
Her tumor burst three nights ago. Lots of blood and goop. We cleaned her up and the floor.
The Vet showed us how to clean and wrap it every two days. As I said before we are not having
her leg removed. So we will just love and spoil her rotten. She is always so good natured

bein' gud dugs is makin' iwinston  and agatha tallulah tired
sleep now

As always here is your pretty to start the weekend.

 Snow on Thimble Peak at sunset.
The real colors were so much brighter.

 Another sunset photo.

 Morning snow.

 Thimble Peak again.

My Son is so funny.
My Birthday is today and he got me a huge donut !
What a hoot !

cheers,  parsnip


  1. Those mountains are exquisite Gayle - lucky you to live so near to them.

  2. Happy Birthday!!!! Oh, poor little Agatha. What a cute little monkey!

  3. Happy Birthday Gayle! Wishing you a wonderful day and also wishing I was around to help you out with that giant birthday donut! Yum.

    Sweet Truffles...what a trooper. Hugs to you all. X

  4. Love the pictures of your sweet dogs. Happy Birthday!

  5. Dear Truffles! Happy Birthday, Gayle!

  6. Happy Birthday, Gayle!

    And Happy Square Dog Friday!

  7. Happy,happy birthday. Poor Truffles, but I know you're loving and taking good care of her. I've been in the hospital again, complications from the hall bladder surgery,will write more later. Stupid auto correct won't let me write gall surgery. Much love to all of you.

  8. Nice pics! I'm glad truffles has you to to provide hospice care. All dogs should be so lucky.

  9. Bless her heart ... Our Standard Poodle had the same sort of thing. The vet would treat it and I would treat it and he took all kinds of medicine but nothing really made it go away. He died of a tumor in his spleen. We had the surgery to remove his spleen thinking humans can do it ,why not a dog?
    But he died a few months later. They are happy being close to you and they have no worries or fear for what might happen next. I wish humans had that ....his time will be full of love and gentle hugs and kisses ....kisses from me to sweet Truffles and to you.

  10. Happy Birthday! Sorry I'm a day late. I hope you had a good one!

    Those dogs are so lucky to have you.

  11. Sweet Truffles, I love the photo of her smiling. And Agatha behind her. She is such a sweetheart to take care of Truffles. xo

    Happy birthday to you! That is a huge doughnut :-)

  12. Happy belated birthday, parsnip. Nice picture of Truffles smiling.

  13. Happy Birthday and glad to meet you. I have read your comments through the years and finally journeyed over to meet you and your little ones.

  14. God bless you for taking such care with those gud dogs.


  15. Beautiful mountains and lovely, lovely gud dogs. Bless dear Truffles. x

  16. That doughnut is hilarious! did you eat it all?

  17. Truffles is so blessed to have you and your daughter as her Two-Legs :) xxx