Wednesday, December 19, 2018

gots a fishy

Thank you everyone who wrote such nice comments about Truffles.
Right now she is doing fine.

Daughter has taken such good care of Truffles for all these years
since she saved her,  Got her through all the hard times.
Now she is letting Truffles live with me because it is the best for her now.
I can watch her all day and keep track of her and possible seizures.
It is very hard for Daughter to not see her everyday but visits her all the time.

Now to another rescue who has taken over our hearts.

agatha gots a fishy

yesh i gots fishy


run fishy run

 iwinston gots fish now

yesh iwinston gots fish wahahahahahahahaha

Miss Pretty, Truffles


As always here is your pretty for midweek

Japanese Son has been playing Santa off and on for many years.
He was first a Mall Santa because he speaks English and Japanese.
They loved him.
 At University he was Santa to the younger students at the kindergarten.
He is a very cute Santa.

cheers,  parsnip 


  1. How long can fishy last before his fluffy insides end up all over the place?

  2. That Santaa is cute indeed. At my advanced age I can say what I wish to say about Santas - most of them I have seen are very unfanciable but this one is not - and you can tell them that from me.

    1. Yes he is so cute, Plus he is so good with the little children.
      He hasn't played Santa this year

  3. Is Agatha trying to be a bigger personality than The One And Only iWinston?
    She's a naughty little girl but, oh, so gorgeous :-)

    1. Not really and since she came to live with has been a lady but growled back a few times. She love to play with iwinston and they are a great pair. But she love to chew and destroy. Potty training is not going as well as I though. All my pups were fast to learn but she has a accident about once a day. She is 4 and lived with 14 + dogs with 2 litters.

  4. Till now, Agatha was unable to reveal that she was an ichthyologist. You go girl, ichthyology rocks!

    1. Yeah, you can call anything you want as long as she gets a chikckin strip

  5. Glad she's doing better. As for Agatha warn her she's going to have to start wearing a diaper or training pants if she doesn't get her act together.

    1. Not the best time to potty train a dog with the holidays

  6. Yup, your son is a cute Santa. Hugs to all your cuties! I can't keep track of all the cuteness.

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  8. It’s really great Truffles is with you, who can watch her all the time. That fish is so huge for gud little dugs! Agatha running with the fish in her mouth is adorable :-) And your son is a very cute Santa indeed!

  9. I love seeing those two naughty pups together. Your daughter did a wonderful thing taking such good care of Truffles.

  10. Baroooo! So, Alice likes Truffles very much. Alice would also like to know if maybe Agatha might want to go into the garden with her and pick Meyer Lemons at midnight, because that's how she and mommy do it.

  11. Till now, Agatha was unable to reveal that she was an ichthyologist. You go girl, ichthyology rocks!