Friday, August 24, 2018

Badger Security on patrol.

Square Dog Friday is here, best day of the week.
So lets woof it !

Always amazing to wake up one morning and see the plants bloom overnight.

View from my bedroom window.

Looking out kitchen window. . .

to see Badger Security on patrol

on the lookout for LIZARDS . . .
yesh no place for sneeeeeky lizzzzards

always workin'. . .

always looookin'. . .
iwinston badger havein' brought in help
tobe  keepin' sneeeeeeky lizards in view

neeeedin' naps inthe sun in the cool house'

nice gud dug truffles is resting in the hots sun

this is gud kattie oliver he is pretty

this is pretty kattie merida who is not likin' gud dug iwinstonbadger

merida lookin' at iwinstonbadger in the duggie door

she is not likin' i winstonbadger


As always here is your pretty to the start the weekend.

After dinner as we sat and talked, I tried to take this photo of the glowing sunset sky.
This photo is a hoot !

cheers,  parsnip


  1. Such lovely pictures and iwinston is a gud guard dog and expert lizard patrol. Thank you, Gayle

  2. Everybody is lookin'. Looks like you too. I know you are having fun.

  3. Lizard patrol is important work. Miss Kitty does it often and the other day a little green frog hopped in our door which made he very happy.
    What a pretty view.

  4. Hi, Gayle!

    I must say that every window in your house offers a spectacular view. As a lover of cacti and succulents I am envious. Seems Badger Security gud dug Winston is on window duty for hours on end keeping an eye out for sneeeky lizzerds and trespassing peccaries. It good to see that he takes a break now and then to snooze in a warm patch of sunshine in your cool house. Dogs are so funny when they do that. It's nice to see your pretty black katties, too.

    Enjoy your weekend, dear friend Gayle!

    1. Thank You for thinking my views are nice. That is why I bought the house. LIZZERDS are always always sneeeky.

  5. Winston takes his security patrols seriously, even when he's having a nap.

  6. The 'badger effect' is taking a long time to go!

  7. That is a good dog! And some very attractive black cats as well :)

    1. The black katties are bonded sister and brother from the shelter eleven years old when we adopted them.

  8. Those purple flowers are so pretty. They made me think of the time-lapse movies I've seen of the desert going from an expanse of arid sand to a sea of blossoms. That'd be something to see in person.

    Good to know Winston is on the job. You don't have to worry about any lizards sneaking into your house. :)

    Have a super weekend. (That last photo is pretty neat-looking. Lots of stuff to see in it!)

    1. Yesh iwinstonbadger is on the job. No stinkin' lizards.

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  10. You have such a beautiful home. I often think that when I look at your photos. Luckily it is well guarded from intruding lizards! LOL

  11. I see that worthless spammer Vaiybora with his standard copy and paste the comments of someone else just won't take a hint and go away.

  12. What beautiful pictures. I am amazed at the overnight blooming too! Such a happy surprise to wake up to!

  13. I love the photo of Winston and Mia-Chan at the window together! Both of them with their hands (paws) on window sill, so adorable :-)
    The last photo is dreamy. Your home is so beautiful!

  14. I love that photo of Mia and iwinston in particular. Also your mountain views. Beautiful.

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