Friday, July 20, 2018

Square Dog Friday

Best day of the week !
Square Dog Friday !
yesh !

bark box came gud gudgudgud gud

amazzzzing gud and bad bad super critters

iwinston gots bad critters
so gud gud gudgud to chomp them
nice tall person who feeds me is reading comic book to iwinston





daaaa dummmmda dummm

Here is your pretty to start the weekend.
Friday evening the light in the house turned bright golden !
It  glowed !

When I went outside this is what I saw.
These photos need to be blown up a hundred times to get the feeling of how
massive and overwhelming expansive these clouds were.
So low and so near.

These views looking East.

Looks like feathers on a wing.

The colors were so much brighter.
They exploded.

Looking North.

The summers in Tucson are so hot but then Mother Nature
takes pity on us and brings us such beauty.

cheers,  parsnip


  1. Hi, Gayle!

    Looks like security dug Winston us ready, willing and able to stand his ground against the bad critters that jumped out of his bark box. My Toto used to chew a new toy to death in the first hour.

    Those are amazing sky pictures, Gayle! The deck of clouds is huge. I love that phenomenon when an orange glow spreads across the land (and through the house) at twilight time. Thanks for sharing!

    I wish you and Winston and your katties a wonderful weekend, dear friend Gayle!

  2. Amazingly colourful clouds!

    Winston's happy to get his teeth on new toys to shred kill destroy!

  3. It's 105 here today. Melting weather. And I can't even take a nap. Got the big eye.

  4. Yay for bark box! Looks like it’s filled with tons of fun stuff :-) Love Winston’s mighty teeth holding the toy!
    The photos of the sky is incredible! Such beautiful colors. I love the clouds making feathers on the wing :-)

  5. That sky...So beautiful!!!! And Dat gud dug gets such gud toys too. Lucky dug. X

  6. Wow, your land is so beautiful. Loved iwinston charging about too! x

  7. Gud pup iwinston looks adorable as usual and very energetic! I know a Scottie like him...doesn't have that great hair cut though. The sky looks amazing and lovely, wonderful photos! Wishing you a peaceful and beautiful weekend.

  8. Lucky doggie.

    BarkBox is such a great idea and, of course, there are many cat equivalence. I don't know if we'll ever try it, especially knowing that for a cat, the very best gift is the box itself. Amazon orders for humans serve the need just fine!

  9. Now, that first picture is a lovely smile!!!! The photos of the sky are wonderful. I often look up and am amazed that I don't spend more time seeing what is going on overhead - it can be so rewarding just to look at it.

  10. Super sweet photo's, they made me smile.

    The skies are amazing, mother nature does provide such beauty at times, glad you captured these on camera.

    All the best Jan

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