Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Wednesday in Japan, or New Zealand.

Trying to get back to my 3 day a week blogging world.
wahahahahahahaha we shall see.
Back to life in Japan.
As many of you know I have a son who lives in Japan with his family 
and quite fabulous extended family.
He is the head of  the International Exchange Center at his University.
He is in New Zealand right now at his University's building connected to Christchurch University.
All the students have to spend a month in New Zealand, immersed in English and their field of study. 
But there is fun time also. Lots of outdoor time, shopping (of course), horseback riding, hiking
what ever fun activity is in season.
One of these fun time was a class in surfing two weeks ago at Sunner Cliffs Beach.  
Of course this was exactly where the epicenter of the 5.9 earthquake was.
Son was walking back with lunch and he saw and felt the earthquake.
Quick note: all my children grew up with earthquakes when we lived in California.
So this is/was no big deal for him or even the students.
But he did mention that this was the first time he felt the earth liquify.
It feel like the ground beneath his feet felt like jello.
 Earthquake !

More earthquake !

When he left to pick up lunch for the class, four of his students were surfing.
But the teacher and all the class were found and everyone was fine !
Are they not darlin' 
This photo makes me smile everytime I see it !


And of course just because I can here is your mid-week pretty.

Vietnamese Asparagus and Steak Salad.

 Quick easy and so very good.
Plus the sauce you make for the salad was made with lime juice, fish sauce and sugar, no oil 
but I must say I added a few drops of sesame oil.  
Just because I love the flavor with this salad.

hey whats' about me  i thehamish
i am a pretty 
pretty pretty pretty

earthquake. . . parsnip
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  1. Salad first because I am hungry sand it makes me drool like Hamish. Liquify in an earthquake is scary. I was in a 5.6 once and I would never want to be in a larger one.

    1. We were in some big ones but you get use to them.

  2. A ferocious looking Hamish!

    One of the photobloggers I follow is from Christchurch.

  3. Lived near Los Angeles in the early 90's when they had their big one, first time I literally felt the earth move under my feet and saw it roll. Grew up in the SF bay area and felt a lot of them, but the LA one was the worst.
    I worry about my daughter in Japan every time they have an earthquake, she says, no big deal.

    1. It really isn't and especially if she is farther away from Tokyo.
      The big earthquake in LA you are talking about came right after my home in Laguna burned down in a wild fire. That was one super bad year.

  4. Oh my, glad your son and his students were OK! I grew up in Japan, so I'm quite used to it....but still it scares me....! I love the photo of them, all smiling and happy. Such a cute picture :-)

  5. I think thehamish could keep earthquakes away!

  6. Quite a few of my extended family live in Christchurch and they are used to having aftershocks now. They said this was quite a biggie though but still classed as an after shock of the one 5 years ago. Glad to hear your son and his pupils were not too phased.


  7. Earthquakes dous not happen in this part where I live. Hope never to feel this. Glad your son and students are OK. The dish looks verry good.
    Take Parsnip,

  8. I love New Zealand!

    And of course, Hamish is adorable!

  9. Thank goodness it didn't trigger a tsunami.