Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Wednesday in Japan maybe.

Just a quick post today.
This is my third post this week, WOW I don't know how the bloggers 
who post every day do it.  But I am so slow, that might be my problem.
Not back in Japan yet but I can still have a taste of Japan. 

 Last night I made Mazemen's Ramen Noodles with Sesame Ginger Garlic Beef
and  Egg.

 Also made Gomaae  no moto
This is a sesame sauce or dressing more dry than wet that is served over green beans, broccolini or spinach. The Japanese Korean restaurant we go to serves in on a cooked spinach that is so good.

And as always here is your mid-week pretty.

The very cold storm that blew in Sunday night and Monday 
dropped clouds, snow and some rain on Tucson.
But Tuesday the clouds has gone and the day as sunny cold.
As I walked from the bedroom to the kitchen I passed through the living/dining room.
It looked so sunny and bright that I took a few photos.

 It is the same today but somewhat warmer !

sunny. . . parsnip
music. . .  A Huge Tree In The Tsukamori Forest
Joe Hisashi


  1. Looks delicious and that view. Must never tire of it. Do wild goats live in the mountains? I'd have my binoculars to the ready.

    1. Big horn sheep.
      To the left of my view they have released several groups
      but the last group has had babies so I think this will work out.

  2. Such splendid views from your house!

  3. If I lived in your house the view would hold me all day long and I'd get nothing done.

  4. Your mazemen dish looks so delicious! And I love gomaae! That's one of my favorite small dishes at Japanese restaurant :-)
    Your home is so beautiful, both inside and the view outside. I love that you have many very large windows!

    1. It was very good but I really like the dish I posted on Monday better

  5. Beautifully large windows to accommodate the views. Your house looks as if it is ready for a someone to come view the place and buy it!

  6. Lovely views of your room Gayle. And lovely views out of the windows too.

  7. Gayle, you have such a fantastic view from your place!

  8. Wow! Your home is stunning, and there are no words for that gorgeous view.

  9. You certainly have a beautiful outlook. I'm happy with my views but always hankered after mountains and horses in a field.