Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Wednesday In Japan. . . Christmas fun

Yes, it is Christmas everywhere. Even in Japan.
But New Year is still the main Holiday.

Excitement is building especially if your are a 5 years old.

 Christmas Tree at the mall.

 This doesn't have anything to do with Christmas but Mia decided that now she wanted 
her long "Elsa" hair cut. And it was very long.

 She looks happy and she was !

 New haircut and her Christmas cookie made at her school.
That is an angel if you couldn't tell.

 She is very excited for her Dad to see her sing at the Christmas show.
So she did this painting to show her Dad sitting and watching her sing.
I have heard the song and it is wonderful. She sang it for me.

So I fibbed.
This is Tucson morning when a storm blew in.

 Lots of clouds.

  More clouds.

 Temps dropped and rain came, where I live in the foothills.

 Then the clouds lifted and we had light snow on the foothills
where I live and lots of snow on the Catalina Mountains.

Only problem this is our late January/February weather.
Not our December weather !

And of course here is your pretty for mid week.
One of the many Japanese trains
 ready for Star Wars !
Oh yes, please !


cookie. . . parsnip
music. . . Run Run Rudolph,  Dr. Teeth, Electric Mayhem


  1. Hi, Gayle!

    Thank you for showing us the joy of Christmas written on the face of little Mia. It seems unusual for a 5 year old to request a haircut. The style looks very cute on her and her colorful painting reveals a budding artist.

    That is a dramatic bank of clouds sweeping low over Tuscon. We could use rain and cooler temps here in Florida. Day after day it has been dry, windy and uncomfortably warm.

    Happy Wednesday, dear friend Gayle!

  2. That was a pretty big foothill. I did not know they celebrate Christmas in Japan and your little is precious. I love her haircut. Will they ever move closer to you?

    1. I doubt it. I used to go every year and they would come here but then I got really ill.
      I miss my family, extended family and all my friends there. If I was healthier I would move to Japan.
      Yuko would like to live in the U.S. for awhile but David is the first non Japanese head of a department at his University. It is a very demanding job but he like it.
      I doubt in America right now he could find a such a great job teaching here.
      They celebrate Christmas in Japan mostly for tourists. But many people have small Christmas trees in their homes. But really New Year is the main Holiday. I miss it.

  3. Of course I recognised it as a angel - who could possibly tell her they didn;t with that gorgeous smile.

    1. She is just a happy person. I have a small video of her talking about school and her cookie but I couldn't figure out how to post it from my "Line" app.

  4. Mia looks happy, and those skies look very dramatic.

    We've finally got colder temperatures, and there's been light snow falling today.

  5. Oh the joy of Christmas when you're five years old.

  6. Christmas through the eyes of a child is always magical. Mia looks so excited!

    Love your homefront photos, too.

  7. Mia-chan looks very pretty in her new hair cut! That's a lovely angel she made. Her smile is so bright and makes me happy! I hope she will enjoy a wonderful Christmas time :-)
    Wow, looks like Star Wars is pretty big in Japan as well! Movie theaters must get packed tomorrow!

  8. Hello Parsnip, Mia looks wonderful with her new haircut. The weather is not right. Here in December, winter time, it should be much colder but yesterday it was 17 degrees Celsius. Nature is all upset. Trees start to flower with blossems. I am worried for plants and animals.
    Take care,