Monday, December 28, 2015

parley view parsnip. . .i thehamish is back

A few photos of the new Christmas toy that a certain gud dug received
from Santa.
 yesh i the gud dug thehamish gots a gud squeaky






i thehanish finly gots gud toy squekin'

nice tall person who feeds us told santa what i thehamish was wantin'
'cause i thehamish gud dug

When Watson was writing toy reviews we could read a concise review of
chew factor
Of course thehamish reviews were very interesting.
Because he doesn't have a Watson review to follow
we will have to help him.

i thehamish toy review

 i thehamish is very gud  dug

Just because I can  here is your pretty to start the week.

The one decoration I bought this year was a 25 Days of Christmas hanging.
If you have little ones and what a fun way to have a 24 Days to Christmas.

All you crafty people can sew pockets of different sizes
hang it up and add some fun trinkets, stories,  photos or tiny candies. Wrapped of course.
I just used it as a decoration and filled it with some of my small toys.

Have a restful week leading up to New Years. 
I will be sleeping most of it.

toy. . . parsnip
music. . . Holding Back The Years,  Simply Red


  1. We love you thehamish and your toy review was Moste Excellent :o) x

  2. Fun new toy. Our girls would rip it apart in under five minutes.

    1. If Watson was here it would have been gone, they could destroy any toy is 3.1 nanoseconds like your ladies.
      But this one is very strange toy. It has a firm mat of material cardboard (?) base.
      He has not destroyed it looking for the squeaky. No soft parts to rip.
      Plus I have picked it up and only bring it out for play time.

    2. Love that they made it that way. Very cool.

      Yes, the girls. They have one job: extract the squeaky.

    3. Hey Parsnip: Aren't those rice flours prices nutso? The superfine rice flour is the highest of all. No thanks.

      Regarding Tef/Teff/T'ef - I posted that one a few posts back. Here's the link. What Are We?.

  3. Replies
    1. He loves this toy.
      But it is sadly sweet because thehamish and Watson would have played tug and destroyed it.

  4. Hamish did great on his first solo toy review!

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    1. thehamish looks very happy. He made me happy too!

      May the new year bring you all good things (and lots of toys and treats for you know who)!

      I really need to check my comments before I post! Sorry about that!

    2. I hope you are well and since I don't know where you like not covered in snow or rain.
      We all need a great New Year.
      No problem on the double post, I have done it many times.

  6. Looks like the Hamish really enjoyed his new toy. Our cat fell asleep on hers, but has since ignored it, preferring a basket I received instead.

  7. Aww thehamish is such a gud, gud dug! No wonder he got a wonderful Christmas present! Looks like he really loved it :-)
    Your 25 Days of Christmas hanging is very pretty. Stuffing each pocket sounds lots of fun, and it makes great decoration!

    Happy Monday and have a wonderful week!

    1. I loved your kitty Christmas post so much.
      The boxes are always the best gift.

    2. One of the things\ I love about you Hamish is that even as you grow into an elderly (never say old)chap, you still love your squeaky toys. Happy New year to you and to your Mum.

  8. Great toy and so good to see Hanish is have so much fun with it. The 25 days of Christmas hanger on your door is lovely.
    Have a good passing of the old year an wish you all good things for 2016