Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Wednesday in Japan and Tucson

Tiny post for busy times.
Lots of photos few words.
 i thehamish  gots back from my herbal body wrap at nice place that washes i thehamish.
 i thehamish is lookin' gud and regal.

 Scotty smile.


 i thehamish is checking out places to wait for Santa person 
who gives yummy snacks to gud dugs like i thehamish


 i thehamish is thinkin' this is a gud place to hide and wait for Santa.


Here is your pretty for mid week !

Best  Christmas Tree ever.
I love the upside down name.
One of her Dad's photos will be on the "Today Show" on the 10:30 segment,
On December 24.
I have no idea why or how they found it ?
I don't watch the "Today Show"  so I have no idea what this is about.
The photo is of people lined up to get KFC in Japan for Christmas.
Christmas has no real religious meaning in Japan.
But to make a long story short....
Around 1970, a customer remarked that a land free of a turkey for a celebration dinner 
fried chicken was the next best thing.
KFC heard this and ran away with it.
"Kurisumasu ni wa kentakii" or Kentucky for Christmas. 
The popularity of American culture at that time plus a huge KFC
campaign has made this a fun tradition. 
You will see lines outside every KFC  
complete with a statue of Colonel Sanders dresses as Santa.
Colonel Santa !

merry. . . parsnip
music. . . ll est ne le divin enfant,  Annie Lennox
Merry Christmas, everyone.
cheers,  gayle and thehamish


  1. I love the Christmas tree with the hand prints Parsnip,
    I also love the photos of the Hamish as he looks so perky and well. Hope his health is good in 2016;

    1. I just receives a packet filled with great stuff !
      That was one of them.

  2. The Hamish is looking particularly elegant. Our daughter had told us about Kentucky Fried for Christmas. She and her friends had it for Thanksgiving.

  3. Hi, Gayle!

    I agree - he thehamish looks regal - he thehamish looks dignified. I wish I could be there to pet him thehamish. I'll bet he thehamish smells gud!

    Interesting story about KFC Japan.

    Merry Christmas to you, Gayle, and to your handsome square dog, he thehamish!

  4. Merry Christmas, dear friend and the hamish! Your card was so lovely it almost brought tears to my eyes. My Christmas tree has a new ornament. Expect a late arrival from yours truly. Merry Christmas, Gayle.

  5. Hamish is such a very handsome festive Scottie. Merry Christmas, Gayle!

  6. What a style icon! go Hamish! Have a good Christmas and new Year Parsnip.

  7. Such a handsome boy.

    My friends and I did a KFC Thanksgiving in Japan one year. Good fun.

  8. Happy Christmas Gayle and handsome Hamish.

  9. The Hamish looks so cute!

    We had our KFC yesterday. I love their Famous Bowls....

  10. Happy Christmas Gayle and thehamish x

  11. thehamish is looking super handsome and very regal! Love the bandana, so adorable :-)
    The hand print tree is very unique and beautiful! Love it very much. I can't remember if we had KFC for Christmas when I lived in Japan (our town might not have KFC nearby) but I do remember fried chicken was often served on Christmas :-)

    Merry Christmas and have a wonderful holiday!!

  12. How handsome Hamish looks!

    And I love the tradition of KFC for Christmas in Japan!

  13. Oh Hamish looks wonderful! Christmas gone, rest me to wish you health and happyness for the New Year.

  14. What a good looking dog Hamish is! It looks like you've had a nice holiday.


  15. RegaL is a great way to describe Hamish! Thanks for teaching me about KFC in Japan. That is a great story. Sorry, I missed your son on TV.

  16. Merry Christmas Gayle. I'm sure thehamish had a good spot to wait for Santa and I'm sure he got lots of gud treats. the Christmas tree is cute, a good project for the littlies.