Friday, January 23, 2015

Square Dog Friday. . . Toy review #8

What day is this ?
Well, Friday of course.
The best day of the week if your a 
Little Square Black Dog.
One afternoon I looked up from cleaning my work desk and I hear some snuffeling
and see two ears picking up over the back of the sofa in front of my desk.
I didn't get that photo but I got the next 4.




I have no idea of what was happening or what he was wondering about.
But it was so wonderful.
I just lurve Watson popping up and checking out what I was doing.
As with Little Black Dogs when the light is behind them 
your lose so much of their faces.
He then curled up and went to sleep.
Dr. Watson !
In the morning I see another two ears peeking up from bed.
This time thehamish belongs to the sweet ears.

 thehamish will not be left behind in the cute department.

Well, Hello Mr. Raccoon
Aren't your cute.

hahahahahahaha not for long
daaa dum daaaaa dum da  dum da dum
Land Shark ! 
not yours
mine mine mine
 gurmurffurfuur mmurff
ohhhhh some action shots !
yert !
Watson looks in disbelief.
Oh My goodness thehamish what have you done
to Mr Raccoon
Squeeky poor squeeky

Toy review #8

Watson Review
This is/was a great toy.

Chew. . . nice mouth feel.
Material. . . sturdy but has a good bite feel.
Squeak. . . fabulous strong squeak.
Design. . . as usual this toy was aimed at nice tall person who feeds us.
But I thought it very charming.
Little Raccoon toy has a very simple design with a minimum of colors dyes,
very nice for Two Little Square Black Dogs
I give this toy  9 out of 10.
thehamish review.
minememememememe me
 mine mine mine
I found this toy at "Tuesday Morning"
No chkikin strips were given as payment for this review.

Here is your pretty to start the weekend.
Daughter brought over some of the Meyers Lemon Pound Cake 
we made last week.
Several are now safely tucked away in the freezer.
I served it with unsweetened whipped cream and a dusting of Tangelo zest
for color and wonderful fresh citrus smell.

yert. . . parsnip
music. . . Open Your Eyes,  Snow Patrol


  1. Love this post. Such great energy. Great
    pictures too, love those ears and the lemon bake.

  2. There is something absolutely irresistible about dogs... or cats... or little kids... peering at us over the top of something. I dunno what it is exactly, but those kinda shots always melt my heart. As always, your boys are adorable. I think they should get a job field testing toys for durability. Then, again, I'm not sure if any toys could withstand their rigorous tests.

    Dang! Again with that cake! Keep it up, and I'm gonna have to break down and bake one.

    Happy weekend!

    1. The ears just happened the same day so not idea what was happening.
      The cake is so easy to make and to eat !

  3. Love the raccoon review and the Meyer lemon cake. Yummy! But as far as ears go--come on--you know Fiona beats everyone! lol

    1. Well thats because Fiona has that tiny body and such long legs.
      Her ears match her legs !
      When will they have another review ?

  4. Love the look of that cake and the bowl it's in too. Glad to see my dogs aren't the only ones to pull the stuffing out of everything!

    1. I love that bowl.
      I used to come back from Japan with dishes packed in my luggage.
      But the small one in the photo, I bought in a Japanese market in California.
      That is the one think I miss living in Tucson, no really great Asian markets.

  5. Oh, that lemon pound cake looks delicious!

    The first photos, where only the ears are showing--makes me think of Jaws, when only the shark's fin is above the water!

  6. Norma thought the same as me about those ears!

  7. So funny!

    And a wonderful cake!

    ♥ Franka

  8. Hahahaha great fun, but it did not last long. And the cake, well that must have a great taste.

  9. Awwww what sweet ears! Watson is so adorable. I wonder if he thought he was invisible :-) Goro often hides under cloth (to ambush someone) but usually with his nose or bum showing.
    Oh land shark thehamish! From the last post, I thought Watson was responsible for Mr. Raccoon's death! Pound cake looks so yummy. Tangelo zest does give such pretty color and must taste really great, too!

  10. Cream served with cake? Oh my goodness me. Drool! Drool!

  11. Oh yum that dessert looks so delicious!! I love baking with zest. And what a cute little dog!:) My German Shepherd's ears are usually poking up whenever there's food involved!

  12. The best part of work is when you pause to find a good dog looking at you.

  13. I was so enamored by the square boys! Until I got to that cake....

    smiles, bee

  14. I wonder if the boys covet the lemon cake?