Friday, January 30, 2015

Square Dog Friday.... a tale of two gud dugs

It is Friday the best day of the week if your a Square Dog.
But not a gud Friday
Health worries.
The trip to the eye doctors was great.
His adrenaline levels are was down and that is good
but it means he has another drop that has to be given twice a day
beside the other drops and meds.
We got a last minute appointment for  thehamish at his regular vet.
He has been slowing going down hill and not being his perky self.
The x rays were not good.
Enlarged liver, and his stomach is full of fluid.
His diabetes is off somewhat because of his not eating. 
I am constantly watching for signs of elevated mineral levels. 
His kidneys are already wonkey.
So I am now waiting of the blood work Friday morning
Vet = 2 hours
thehamish at the vets and not feeling great.
Blood work came back  horrible. Everything is off the charts.
Have a 11 am appointment at the Veterinary Specialty Center.
Ultrasound, blood work, liver biopsy, gallbladder biopsy. Then there is the spleen,
brightly colored, with black spots.  The specialists in over 30 years
have never ever seen anything like it. 
Everything is sent out to the University for testing.
Results will be back Monday and Friday.
Poor little Hamish, he was lightly sedated for all the test but he is home with me.
New med (and his old ones )  plus a super bland diet of rice and chicken.
I have to watch him very close. Some of these meds are as bad as the problems
we are trying to fix, so I have to monitor him for any changes because as a
diabetic he is at increased risk.
Vet = 5 hours
Watson has been having more problems with his dementia.
He is getting more confused. But other times he is very puppy like 
and enjoys his play time. 
Last night he jumped off my bed and I could hear him walking
around the house like he used to do many years ago.
Doing his nightly check.
Then he came back to my bed and wined very softly. So at 3 am I let him outside.
He didn't really have to potty so I let him back inside.
I pick him up and put him on the bed. 
Then I petted him and talked to him for a long time.
I don't know how much he can hear, being deaf 
but I talk really close to his head and chest and hope he can feel it.
He then when to sleep and so did I.
So this is the tale of two gud dugs.
I will be busy with both dogs this weekend 
so I might be miss reading some blogs.
I will play catch up when I can.

Everyone have a great weekend.

hopeful. . . parsnip
music. . . Lucky To Know You,  Blue Merle



  1. So sorry to read things are so bad with Thehamish. And poor Watson having diffelcutys finding his way around. Hope for you and the dogs things will turn out better over the weekend.

  2. I shed a tear Parsnip. I'm so sorry that both dogs are not feeling so good and you must be preparing yourself for loss at some time in the future. The pain is unbearable I know. I have been in this situation with my beloved cat Wiggy a decade ago. They are so lucky to have such a fantastic mum who is doing everything possible for them. Give them both a gentle hug from me. xx

  3. So very sad this morning reading about the square ones increasing health problems. We'll be keeping our fingers and paws crossed for the boys. Hugs to all. X

  4. Poor babies. Getting old really bites, I know. I will keep both of them, and you, Gayle, in my prayers.

  5. Oh Parsnip - what a worrying time for you with two sick dogs. Thinking of you.

  6. It is so hard when our pets get old and ill, it'd be easier if we were the sick one. Warm thoughts and hugs.

  7. I"m so sorry to hear about the little doggies! It's hard for us owners to go through a pet's aging, but when you think about all the joy they've given us, it's worth it.

  8. Poor boys. They do know you're doing everything you can for them, and they know you love them both.

  9. I'm sorry about the good boys, Parsnip. It is so hard and hurts so much. You are in my prayers.

  10. Oh Parsnip, I am so sorry your babies are not well. My heart breaks thinking about what they are going through and how hard it is for you. I hope they are as comfortable and happy as possible. I know you make sure that, and I'm sure your babies know that you are doing the very best for them. Please know my thoughts are with you xoxo

  11. What a heartbreaking post. I think we're all crying a little for your boys. And for you.

  12. Poor doggy. Buster also had dementia and for the last year my poor D.I.L. slept with him on a blow up bed. Not good.
    Be careful to watch your own health.