Friday, December 12, 2014

Square Dog Friday... naughty

Oh my goodness I can't believe it is Friday already !
Were has the week gone ?

Best day of the week according to some naughty Square Dogs !
So lets woof it.
See Watson
See Watson jump
See Naughty Watson
See Watson upset his Mum
See Watson jump when Mum said 
no more jumping !
 And speaking of naughty

 thehamish with messy morning beard

Yes, he is a naughty boy.
An  interesting item found on Amazon.

Goodness I wonder who might like this ?

Many of the blogs I read, everyone is making their own mincemeat 
for  several cakes and pies.
I have never made mincemeat but I love it at Christmas.
So I buy some ready made tarts.
So while many of you are making homemade tasty cakes and pies,
I bought mine.
Naughty me.
I read on Codlinsandcream2   a very easy recipe for Mincemeat Cake.
It is a quick cake to use any leftover mincemeat.
I can even use store bought mincemeat, so I am going to try to make her cake.
Son and Daughter like the store bought little tarts but will not touch Panettone Bread.
I love it all !
But don't think me completely adverse to baking.
The Meyers Lemon tree has once again produced the very best lemons ever.
So Daughter and I will making several Meyer Lemon Pound cakes.
They freeze wonderfully.
Daughter, Son and I will be making cookies.


Once again, here is your pretty to start the weekend.
Years ago this was Daughter's Christmas Card.
It is a Christmas Watson !
My sweet baboo .

mincemeat. . . parsnip
music. . . See Amid the Winter Snow,  Anne Lennox


  1. Happy Holidays. Happy lemon, happy eating those mince pies. All sounds fun.

    Me, I'm trying to redo my food container cabinet today. Happy weekend.

    1. hahahaha I read that on your blog. Containers are useful but what a mess for storing.

    2. They really are. Finally got it done. Looks good. Now there's a just a few leftover bits.

      How long once you gave up wheat, did you start to feel better? I found that just after a day of no dairy and eggs, I'm sooo much better already. Feels good.

    3. I never felt better. Even giving up nightshades.
      The way everyone loves chocolate I love bread. Plus it is so easy to eat. Toast here, sandwich there I love it.
      So for many years I have just really limited my quantity. If I have one piece with breakfast that is it for the day.
      I will eat rice in small amounts. I will never give up sushi.
      If you are showing signs of improvement so quick you should keep a day book. I know it is a pain to do this but if you eat something for dinner and then the next morning you feel so bad check what you ate.
      Go for it girlfriend !

    4. I do find food diaries useful, Parsnip. I've used them when I needed to watch for something. Helpful indeed.

      One day and already better, is very good with me. I'll be thrilled if it's only an allergy where I can't eat dairy, and not something worse.

      Take the dairy. I don't care. I just love feeling better.

      I'm sorry you never felt better though. Have you ever gone off the wheat entirely to test it out for yourself? Or kept a food journal about it?

    5. Yes I have, four months no wheat and no improvement.
      I even tried rice bread. I just decided no bread. I have just started to allow small amounts back. No real change.
      For me I feel better if I eat a Japanese diet. No big amounts of meat, more fish which I love and veggies. I feel better eating this.
      Not so bogged down like I feel after eating a hamburger and fries or a meat and potato dinner. I have always eaten very little cheese too.

  2. All wonderful photos...but I love Christmas Watson best!

  3. I'm going to get chris one of those toasters

  4. Replies
    1. Why ? doesn't Winnie like bananas ?

    2. hahaha, It is a green half moon !
      I just assumed it was something crazy happening at your home !
      I am so dense !

  5. Watson didn't jump up there. He was framed! It was the banana.

  6. Oh, you have GOT to ask Santa to bring you one of those toasters! That toast is too adorable.

    And whattaya mean "naughty"? Oh no, no, no, "our" boys aren't naughty. Not at all.

    Happy weekend!

  7. Now that's a toaster!

    Naughty? A Square Dog, naughty?

    That depends on how you define the word!

  8. Yes... oh yes indeed...there IS a banana on the floor! LOL! And after I bigified the photo there also seems to be a potato or Meyer lemon by the French doors! You have a wonderful home. So very beautiful and peaceful. I'd love to curl up on that hassock (or is it an ottoman?) with the Watson and have a wee nap myself. X

  9. My grandchildren would love toast with dogs on it!

  10. Oh naughty Watson! But I'm sure you adore that. My Niko is sweet baby like Watson but sometimes does naughty things. And I love it :-) Mr. Naughty thehamish is very cute with messy beard!
    I love Walkers shortbreads (I'm having it with coffee right now!) but never tried tarts. I should try that! The Christmas card from your daughter is so cute! Have fun holiday season :-)

  11. I love Meyers lemons! We hope to plant one when we get rid of the crepe myrtle!

  12. Lemon pound cake sounds delicious, I love Christmas Watson!

  13. Yes I liked the sound of that mincemeat cake too Parsnip - but the square ones wouldn't like it, they would prefer chickin strips.

  14. I can't say that I like mincemeat at all. Love apple and pumpkin pies though. Don't bake much anymore either. Although, Glowstick and I made Rice Krispie treats yesterday. We cut them our with cookie shapes and sprinkled them with colored sugars.