Monday, December 15, 2014

parley view parsnip... light show

Oh my goodness it is 15 December !
I am about two weeks behind.
But the reason is when gud dug Watson had his "stroke".
I am just happy to report he has recovered nicely.
The best Christmas gift for my family.
We will take him back to the vet for another check-up 
and  I will just have to keep watching him.
I have noticed a few changes but all and all he is still the most prefect Dr. Watson.
Saturday light show both natures and man made.
Blurry photo from my studio window.
Wind blown white clouds lifting up and over the foothills 
in front of the darker storm clouds.
 The storm that has been hitting the west coast, blew into Tucson early Saturday morning.
It rained off and on all day.  We need the rain and it was wonderful.
That evening the storm broke up and moved away right at sunset.
These photos do not do the storm clouded sunset justice.
The air glowed and swirled golden all around me.

hahahahahah the next one is so me.
 The washer and dryer are in my studio.
I was unpacking some new Christmas lights and wanted to see 
what they looked like. They are clear white and blue snowflakes.
Of course they are all tied up so I put them over my fan and plugged them in.
I liked the look and have left them there since right after Thanksgiving.
Now this is funny because I love fairy lights and use them all year in my home and yard.

 Daughter came by and helped me put lights on the Christmas tree.
And cooked lovely dinner of a Chicken Tagine served over 
Couscous. With a salad and dressing she made using
Tangelo, picked from my tree,  juice with  a hint of mustard and cumin.
Such a nice dinner and day.
le sigh.

Here is your pretty to start the week !
The photo is approved by Dr. Watson and thehamish.
Found on Amazon.

Both sons like beer and they both approve of the art and the subject !

lights. . . parsnip
music. . . It Feels Like Christmas,  Muppet Christmas Carol


  1. May I just call in for a bowl of that tagine and salad please?
    Beautiful stormy photographs.

  2. so glad watson is recovering, sugar! i've been remiss in my reading! (it was those mad cakes!) i love the photos! nothing beats an arizona sky. xoxoxox

  3. Sending my absolute best to perfect Dr. Watson.

  4. Beautiful photos! I'm so happy to hear Watson is doing better.

  5. Wow the photos of sky are incredible! I especially love the fourth pic. What lovely colors and such a big sky! Your lights look so beautiful. Blue and white are my favorite light colors :-)
    The dish looks very yummy. It must taste extra good as fresh tangelo off from the tree is used! Love the Scottie art. So cute :-) Glad Watson has recovered so nicely and it certainly is the best Christmas gift xoxo

  6. Good to read about Watson. Great photos.