Monday, December 1, 2014

parley view parsnip... omg. . . did I really say that ?

 Goodness where did November go ?
Life sometimes gets in the way of living.
I appreciate all my followers who comment and read my blog.
I apologize to many of you who put up with my political comments.
That was not what my blog was to be about. But when you hear and read lies
sometimes you need to speak out. 
Living out in the southwest in a border state we see things differently,
from the east coast intelligentsia.
Especially long time Westerners. I have lived out in the west for most of my life.
You can't understand what you don't live.
So from now on my blog goes back to.
Monday,  Tucson
Wednesday,  Japan
and we all know what Friday is.
Square Dog Friday !
It is in their contract and I do not want to go through arbitration again !
I always lose.
 Famous Two Headed Dog Of Tucson.
When I started my blog it was to be lots of photos with small amount of writing.
But it has  grown and veered off on tangents sometimes.
But now Tuesday and Thursday is my days to rant.
The first post will be to prove Obama lied about what his immigration
program will really do and cost.
And cost big time to us dwindling middle class workers.
The worker bees.
We all want to believe the best of everyone but he flat out lied.
Clinton could not have done it any better.
And this comes from a long time Democrat.
So if you do not want to listen to me about immigration or whatever
just don't read the Tuesday and Thursday post.
Next :
Thank you all for the lovely comments for Dr. Watson.
He is doing so much better you wouldn't even know he had a stroke
But I have notice that he is more confused sometimes.
But I am always watching him, waiting.
As I said before he is 16 (almost 17) and my brain knows that,
but my heart doesn't.
 My sweet baboo.
Here is Watson eating some crushed ice and some that got stuck on his beard.

The Square Ones love to eat ice.
When they were puppies I lived in a wonderful home right by the Pacific Ocean.
It had a fabulous ice machine. Very small perfect square cubes.
When The Square Ones were teething I use to  toss the tiny cubes
across the tile floors so they would chase them and chew them.
After teething they would still wait by the ice maker for me to toss some across
the floor for them. They love ice.
I need to harvest my Tangelos !
But they really need to ripen a few more weeks.
Here is one of my favorite birds, a Gila Woodpecker
feasting on the fruit.

They have a beautiful black and white wings and back with a bright red circle
on the very top of the head.
But they are very naughty !
I love them.
And here is your pretty to start the week.
This is especially for the Happy Whisk.
She wanted to see my first try at making gingerbread
It is/was so good !
nom nom nom nom

baking. . . parsnip
music. . .  Mad World,  Tears For Fears


  1. It's totally okay to go off the original blog concept. As we grow, blog grows, while world changes :-)
    The photo of Watson with ice cubes stuck on his beard is way too cute! I'm glad he is doing much better. And he is so lucky to have you to always take such good care of him.
    We have woodpeckers coming to our area sometimes. They are very naughty and peck our deck! Your gingerbread looks super yummy. I have cravings for some gingerbread :-)

  2. My favorite photo remains..."the famous two headed dog of Tucson" Watson's eyes are so very "Yert" as thehamish is squashing his way into the basket. So funny. I think your insights and comments about living in a border state are interesting, necessary, and very, very eye opening.

    So glad your sweet baboo is feeling better this week. Hugs to all. x

    1. Thank you but no need to bore any of you.

  3. Hi Parsnip. I just got on to the blogs and WOW, love your gingerbread. I wish I could reach into the screen and have a nibble. Or better yet. Zap myself there so we could have a nice in person chat and yummy treat.

    Looks FANTASTIC.

    1. It was so good.
      Growing up in Chicago in a Polish neighborhood, we ate all the great Christmas cookies (f course these are German) Pfeffernusse, Elisenibkuchen and Ginger Snap cookies. My Mum was a wonderful baker. But I must admit the Gingerbread was really great.

  4. Iced beard, so cute. Love the Woodpecker.

  5. Sweetheart you just say anything you want! We'll read it too! Love the icy beard!

    Hugs, bee


  6. You absolutely must not break your Friday contract again - those two wise ones will not stand for it.

  7. I love all of your posts and photos, especially the Square Ones.

    But I also like hearing your point of view on situations that you, living in a border state, understand far better that we do here in the Midwest. I was once in favor of allowing illegals to stay. I know some who are wonderful people and are working hard to make a better life--but I also know some who act as if we legal residents owe them something (yep, I'm talking about my idiot neighbors).

    If it's not the illegals, it's the Ferguson protesters..and now, we have protesters in "Little Bosnia." Makes me think of what a fellow student at St. Louis University told an angry foreign student years ago: "If you don't like the way we do things here, go back where you came from. Having you here is not exactly a big honor!"

  8. Oh Parsnip, I'm so sorry to hear about your square one's stroke. I hope he continues to do well. What a grand age those two are living out. But it's hard to see them fade, I know. My thoughts are with you all. What a darling photo of them in the basket!

  9. I have a policy to not get involved in other countries politics. I don't feel I have the knowledge and I don't have the right . As you say you can't know what you don't live.
    I hope the boys are doing well with all the loving care they get.
    These shots with the bird and the tree are gorgeous. And the cake has me drooling.