Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Wednesday In Japan. . . care package

Excitement at my home.
A fabulously fun package came for me.
I have talked about many of the mascots that Japan has and my love of them.
Barysan is Imabari City well loved mascot.
I am kind of crazy about him too.
Barysan  wears on his head The Kurushima Bridges.
These are three continuous suspension bridges that connect Ohsima Island and Imabari City over the Kurushima Straits of the Sento Inland Sea.  Beautiful !
They are considered the longest suspension bridge in the world.
He also holds a boat that sails under them.
 Kawaii !

 The Barysun towel, lovely soap, a one cup saka glass,
a phone charm and a Onsen towel.

 A one cup sake cup. Son drank the sake but sent me the glass.
Which is just fine with me, I don't drink.
Orange juice will now taste even better.
 ack !  the cuteness is killing me.
 Stickers !
So much fun !
There were a few other items like the crackers I ate before I could take a photo.
Oh well, just know they were very very very good.
In fact fabulous.
Here is your pretty for mid week.
Watson was sitting on the ottomans. I was takeing a photo of him
and look who just jumped up. 
Just guess who ?  awwwwww come on guess.  Just one guess. hahahahaha
thehamish doesn't like to be left out of anything.
I just love the look Watson is giving him....
"hey I was sitting here"
And of course thehamish is  thinking
woe is me, woe
yert !
barysan. . . parsnip
music. . . Under The Milky Way. . . Sia


  1. Love the pup photos. So great.

    Wonderful little buddies. We have two pound puppies here. Absolute blast.

  2. They're great! What is a phone charm Parsnip? Am I really uncool not knowing what it is?

    1. No, your very cool and not crazed person like me.
      Long time ago many cell phones had a hole at the top. What better pace to put a charm. Just feed it through and loop it through. In Japan you could find a charm for anything. I should know I have a huge collection. When the teens (girls) started putting so many on the phone you could hardly see the phone. It was so much fun. I miss that.
      The thing to do now is to put a charm in the earphone jack. Although it is almost over now in Japan. I have several jacks plugs too.

  3. Two charmers on matching stools - what more could you ask for?

  4. I'm from Japan but didn't know Barysan. (I've been away from Japan so long.) He sure is very kawaii!!! I love that he wears the bridge on his head. What a cute design :-) Love the stickers, too!

    1. I have so many favorites... I assumed you lived in Japan( I tried to read your profile) becaus eI love your name.
      I love your kitties !

  5. Replies
    1. Even though I don't drink ( I take way to many drugs) I will take a small sip sometimes with sushi. Perfect combination.

  6. Cool gifts!

    The boys are incorrigible!

    1. hahahahahaha... they think they run the home and they do !

  7. Hamish just wanted equal time...and they're such a pair, they should always be photographed together!

    Hope you're enjoying your gifts!

  8. I love the stickers, Gayle!