Monday, April 7, 2014

parley view parsnip. . . this and that

Just a quick update.
Watson has been getting better everyday. In fact so much better that he refuses to eat breakfast take his pills again. So pills are hidden in liver sausage and a game of lets do some tricks, to get him to take them.
He is a big putz !
Daughters dog Waldie the beautiful long haired Dachshund had to be rushed in to emergency surgery for another spinal operation.
I have been hanging out at her home today.
He got through surgry fine but we haven't heard if he has lost the use of his front legs yet.
So for today post here are a few this and that.
Along with the kitchen sink.
.Waldie and his cat Bowie

 Beautiful radishes as an art shot
 When roasted they are so sweet.
 Son made Baked Swordfish steaks with Indian spices
Watson and thehamish
they use the chaise more than I do.

And here is your pretty to start the week
Shadows on the umbrella.

  Have a great start to the week everyone !

radish. . . parsnip
music. . . Wrapped Around Your Little Finger,  The Police


  1. Prayers for Waldie. I know God loves fur-peeps, too.

  2. Poor Waldie. Bowie seems to be good company for him.

    The Square Dogs do look good on that chaise.

  3. Get well wishes for Waldie and the Hamish too.

  4. You're lucky to be able to get him to take them that way. Iggy (my pig) would eat whatever I gave her...then spit out the pill!

  5. Poor Waldie! Nice nurse though and the radish salad looks great!

  6. Poor Waldie! «Louis» once had a dachshund, Oscar, to whom this happened...(sigh)

    «Louis» is happy to read the positive report on The Square Ones ®!

  7. Thank You all for you lovely comments on the recovering Gud Dugs !
    Watson is much better went from soft food back to his regular food today.
    Waldie is still at hospital, recovering slowly. This is his third back operation.

    cheers, gayle

  8. Prayers for Waldie. My darling Lester went through 2 disc surgeries. Sometimes I think I got more worked up about them than he did- except for those few weeks that he had to wear diapers...

  9. all the best to all the babies here and the photos are lovely! i have never tried roasted radishes but i love them raw so i bet i'd love them roasted too. yert!

    smiles, bee