Friday, April 11, 2014

Square Dog Friday... Scotties

Friday !

Thank Goodness it is Friday !
It is Friday !
Best of all it is,
Square Dog Friday !
Here is one of my favorite commercial.
It always makes me giggle, watch till the end, it is very short.
See if you can you guess which dog is more like Watson
and which one is like thehamish.
"Because he is a Scottie".
phiff !

 The grass in my yard is Scott's Brand Grass Seed and it grows like crazy.
It got so high that the gardeners had to make two passes with the mower.
It is so thick, lush green and just beautiful.
It has been in the 90's already so to see something so green just visually cools the day.

Notice who wanted to  to take a nap in the sun and grass, my sweet baboo Watson.
thehamish was laying on his back feet pointed up in the air, but as soon as I raised my camera he rolled over !
Naughty !

Here is Daughters dog Waldie two days after surgery at hospital.
He is looking very booboo a little out of it but what a sweet gud dug he is.
Even though the spinal surgery was at the lower neck area, they operated as you can see from his upper chest area.
He is a trooper and we Thank You all  for your lovely wishes  
for his safe recovery.

 And just because I can ....
Here is your pretty to start the weekend,
thehamish is sending good wish out to all of The Square Dog readers.
yert !

baboo. . . parsnip
music. . . Good Golly Miss Molly,  Little Richard


  1. The Square Dogs: best day of the week!

  2. Definitely the best day of the week!

  3. yes, best day for sure! yert!

    smiles, bee

  4. Good Golly Mr. Waldie! Good doggy and the grass is lovely!

  5. Glad to hear your granddog is doing well. Happy Weekend!

  6. Weather in the 90s sounds heavenly! Sendng healing wishes to the nice canines.

  7. Love to all the good dogs from Elizabeth and Buster!

  8. "Because he is a Scottie" indeed! YERT! Fun ad!
    Too bad The Hamish didn't let you photograph his gymnastics...
    Poor Waldie does look a little out of it. Double YERT! «Louis» hopes Waldie recovers quickly!

  9. Laying in the grass is a gas gas gas, even better with the Square Dogs!

    Get well soon, Waldie.

  10. They all look so contented - even when they are not 100%. Must be Nurse Parsnip.