Friday, January 10, 2014

Square Dog Friday. . . protecting the chkikin'

WooHoo, it's the best day of the week again, especially if your a Little Black Square Dog.
Such excitement around our home this morning.

                           thehamish was very busy protecting the chkikin' strips.

                                                         see im' gud watchin' dug
                                              I found somethin' huge it was just there 

 what a gud dug goin' to do ?  iwas gurrrrrrin' and Watson was just watchn' me he is funny gug dug he always  thinkin' i'm strange

                                                                im' gud dugi gots it

                                                            see i gots' the huge snake
                                      the battle is over i won but im' tired now.

             so tired almost too tired to drink some the battle was so hard oh woe is me


              Here is your pretty to start the weekend.  The tangelos on my tree. Trying to leave them on as long as possible to sun ripen.

snake. . . parsnip
music. . . Dancing In The Street,  Martha and The Vandellas


  1. That doggie bed is adorable!

    You mean those tangelos AREN'T ripe? They look absolutely perfect!

    Happy weekend!

    1. it is really just a long snake !
      I have been eating the tangelos but the longer you leave them on the sweeter they get. The only problem is the Gila Woodpeckers and Cactus Wrens poke holes in the fruit.

  2. Lord that snake basket gave me a shock! I have somehow not noticed it before. :)

  3. I always feel a bit melancholic when I see your two
    They look so much like our old Maddie

  4. They never cease to amaze me with their cuteness!

  5. Brave dogs to sleep inside a snake coil!

  6. Ah, it's Square Dog Friday--smiles abound, no matter what the rest of the week may have been like!

    Thanks for the smiles, Gayle, Hamish and Watson!

  7. Re the Gila woodpeckers and the Cactus wrens attacking the fruit: you could always sit on the porch with your trusty 12 gauge double-barrel shotgun and blast the boids!
    If the neighbors complain about the noise of the shotgun blasts, tell 'em you are practicing to be on Sheriff Joe's posse! YERT!

  8. Oh how wonderful to have fruit like that growing in one's garden at this time of the year. Love to the square ones.

  9. Love the doggies - Bing would love to play alongside them - he too is asleep next to me right now - following an extensive play session on the beach which I HAD to photograph and post on my blog! lol!

  10. They're so sweet. The tangelos look yummy already.

    Hugs and chocolate!

  11. Nice good doggies keeping the house safe from snakes. And how great that you got so many tangelos! My citrus trees (lemon and grapefruit) still haven't recovered from that deep freeze a couple of years ago.

  12. What adorable pups!

  13. Doesn't he fit it neatly. It might have been made for him.