Friday, August 30, 2013

Square Dog Friday... and so it goes

The week goes by so fast.
But not fast enough for Two Little Black Square Dogs !

You know the drill so lets woof it !

Before Japanese family left they stripped the beds and started the laundry.
But Dr. Watson loves to nest and sleep on anything on the floor especially the fluffy bedding. He always finds the best and softest places to nap.
There are 10 yes count them 10 fluffy pillows/ crates for their napping pleasure.
So what a Mum to do ? left the duvet covers on the floor for him. It is not like he doesn't jump up on the beds anyways.
Gud Dug Dr. Watson  gets to sleep where ever he wants.

ummmmmmmm what bout' me im' gud dug thehamish
what about me
im' likin the soft stuff too
oh woe oh woe is me

really im' gud dug thehamish

Dr. Watson slept most of the day on the duvet and thehamish cuddled in and spent
most of the day sleeping with him.
Not a good sign for thehamish so off to the vets.
Not a very good visit. The 6 million dollar dog is in trouble again.  He has to have more test next week but we think the Cushing's Syndrome has become a reality.
Hamish was tested for this three years ago and it was iffy then but I hoped for the best. After some tests next week we will have a better idea.
Not good at all.
I joke about him being made up of left over puppy parts but it really true.
He has had so many health problems and opperations but on a good note
 he has fabulous teeth !

I worry about Dr. Watson being 15 and in liver failure, so it doesn't seem possible for thehamish my 6 million dollar gud dug so full of energy, to be this ill.
He is only 10.
yert !

Here is your pretty (funny) for the weekend.

I made pancakes and had a little batter left over so I tried to make a Scottie pancake
that came out looking more like a kitty ? ? ?
But Dr. Watson who LOVES pancakes ate it and looked around for more.

Gud Dug Dr. Watsons nose !

suprised. . . parsnip
music. . . Bittersweet Memory,  Blue Merle
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  1. I hope the vets can sort it out.

    Any fluffy comfy spot to sleep in is a good place.

  2. Hopefully the vet will have some good news. That looks like a Totoro pancake to me. :)

  3. awww, poor little square boys. sarge used to make me funny pancakes, hearts, christmas trees, animals, he was so much fun! yert to the boys!

    smiles, bee

  4. I hope it's not Cushing's. Our dog had it and she deteriorated so badly, we had to have her euthanized.

    Will be praying for you and both dogs....

  5. My dogs love pancakes too, also sleeping on the bed. I do hope the vet's news is good.

  6. We have a cat who loves warm laundry, fresh out of the dryer. Who wouldn't? She's always trying to insert herself into the mix while I'm putting things away. I usually just piles the clothes on top of her while I'm folding them. She doesn't seem to mind!

  7. When «Louis» was in high school, he had a dachshund, Oscar, who also loved pancakes - and donuts. If you walked into the house with donuts, Oscar would go berserk begging until he got one.
    Then he was one happy wienie dog! Being German, he loved beer, too! Quite the character!

    «Louis» will cross his fingers for good news for you and the Square Ones®...

  8. I am sorry about the possible Cushing's Syndrome. My daughter in law suffers from this and has had two operations and is on permanent medication. So I do know what it is like. Love to both of the square ones.

  9. Your pancake looks like Fiona!! Prayers for Hamish from all of us and Dr. Watson too.

  10. Thank you for all your wonderful words.

    cheers, gayle

  11. Yeah, I agree... who cares if it looks like a cat if it tastes good? and there is more :)

  12. I wanted to thank you for your beautiful cards which arrived on Saturday
    ( the day before the open day)
    They were absolutely lovely and were snapped up minutes after we opened
    Thank you so much
    The Scottie cards were especially wonderful

    Love johnxxxxxxx

  13. Sorry, I think your pancake art needs more practice. Luckily you've got someone to clean up the evidence.

  14. Its good you know how to keep the boys comfy.
    Hope for better news soon.