Monday, August 26, 2013

parley view parsnip... lighting

Wonderful blogger Weaver of Grass (sidebar) asked me last week how I get my
lighting photos.
If you have time you should take a look at her fabulous blog about life and living
on a farm in Yorkshire.  I love her chickens !
Well being a daft person,  I started out very crazy.
With my first little point and click camera,  I would sit outside watching lighting strikes and count till the next one and start taking photos hoping I could captures one.
Strangely I was able to capture several strikes this way.  Who knew this would work ?
Thank goodness for photo cards that I could delete the 100 photos I took trying to get one good photo.
When I was looking through these photos I would have to lighten or highlight them so I could see if I captured any strikes.

Then Japanese son bought me  a new lighter point and click camera that had a video button  Oh My Goodness !
Now when I sit outside and wait for the lighting strikes I take a video, hoping I am in the right place.
Then I download it and slowly run through the frames. The only problem I have a basic program with Picasa so finding the right frame is sometimes frustrating,  back and forth
back and fort till I find the right frame.

I think I will have to invest in a better camera and a tripod if I really want to get clearer and better photos. Then find a better photo program,
possibly take a class but being somewhat house bound that could be a problem.
Maybe I can find a online class ?

 Some of my lighting photos shot both ways with two different cameras.



Here is you pretty to start the week.
When I first moved back to Tuson there was a huge storm with outstanding dark rolling storm clouds. I ran outside trying to take some photos even though it was twlight.
All the photos came out black !
Before deleting them I took the i-photo program I was using at the time and played with the light and dark to see if I could find anything.
Guess what I found...
clouds looking like the "Rose Nebula" space shots here on earth over the
Catalina Mountains in Tucson.

So never toss a photo till you look a little further into it.
You never know what you will find.

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  1. These are wonderful Parsnip!
    So very fascinating and thrilling. I did manage to get a photo of a rainbow behind the Empire State Building -which is fabulous in a lightning storm - but so far no luck with lightning....
    Buster sends greetings to the Square Ones!

  2. What a great gift. Very lovely photos.

    1. I love the camera it is very light and easy for me to hold up.

  3. gosh great shots!!! but sadly there is no shot of the square boys! kidding...


    smiles, bee

    1. Bite your tongue... they always want to be in any post and I think are plotting against me.

  4. Your photos are amazing. I LOVE lightning. As an observer, that is. I have no interest in getting too up-close and personal with it. You have some terrific captures.

    1. One day I was looking out the studio window and saw and felt a lighting strike about half a mile from me on the golf course.

    2. Lightning struck a huge post oak tree in our back yard when my hubby and I were in our family room shooting pool. The strike was so close, it made the hair stand up on my arms. WAY too close.

    3. Lightning struck a huge post oak tree in our back yard when my hubby and I were in our family room shooting pool. The strike was so close, it made the hair stand up on my arms. WAY too close.

    4. I know, you can feel the energy and the sound

  5. Lightning photo #3, the semi-circle. That's an amazing capture.

  6. Replies
    1. Thank you. I like the one where it seems to get bigger as it hits the round.

  7. Pretty impressive, to just point and click and capture. (you don't have to tell us how many you delete)

  8. Those look pretty amazing to me.
    I have a love /hate relationship with Picasa.

  9. hee hee...
    Your lightning shots are, well, ELECTRIFYING!