Friday, July 19, 2013

Square Dog Friday... a plethora of puppies

Well it's that day of the week already.
Best day of the week if your a Square Dog.
It is in their contract along with the certain amount of chicken strips.
So lets woof it !
yert !

Daughters dogs are vacationing at my home for a week.
So I now have a plethora of puppies running around.

Trying to get them all in the same photo is like herding cats.
But I love this photo. It is exactly their personalities.

Waldie is looking the opposite direction being a princess asking "why am I here" ?
Watson is being a good old dog and sitting quiet.
thehamish is thinking mineminemineminemineminemie my toy ! now !
Truffles is standing still for one second thinking is that toy food ?

Breakfast jail.
Waldie and Truffles eat really fast. 1.0 nano seconds.
I feed them in their bedroom and by the time I can close the door to the kitchen,
they are done and looking for more food.
They are on a special diet and can eat only that food.
Dr. Watson rarely eats breakfast but thehamish need to eat  a certain amount of food
so I can give him his insulin shot, pills and eye drops.

So Waldie and Truffles are in breakfast and later dinner jail
till Watson and thehamish finish their food.

The breeze was blowing and lifted Waldie long ears.
When I see this photo the song " The Wind Beneath My Wings" plays in my head.
And I envision him being lifted and floating around the yard.

What a sweet baboo gud duggie Truffles is.
I still can't believe some idiot threw this lovely dog out the door of their car and took off.
Her back was injured when she was flung out and hit the pavement.
She wags her tail constanly and has such a big smile. All she want to do is sit by someone who will pet her and tell her what a beautiful booboo kitty doggie she is !

Meanewhile The Princess Waldie  as I call him,
is such a little coffee bean all curled up and napping the day away.
He is a fabulous napper.

thehamish who never misses a chance to get some attention,
snuggled on to Waldie's blanket.
I love the look of doom blazing from Waldie's eyes,
lighting blots of fire and damnation !
Run thehamish run run away now !

Dr. Watson enjoys all the cousins
but at his age napping takes up a good part of his day.


and just because I can
here is your pretty for the weekend.

Early morning sunrise

taken through my bedroom windows with my phone.

the colors here are so dull compared to how intense they were.
Picasa alway dulls the colors down when I post.  I can't figure out why ?
But it is frustrating.

sunrise. . . parsnip
music. . . Catch Us If You Can,  Dave Clark Five
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  1. A gaggle of hounds! Nice dramatic pictures.

    1. I think a "gaggle" fits them but when I am walking with four dogs circling around my feet "plethora" just seemed right.

  2. Double the dogs this week eh Parsnip.
    Double the trouble, double the licks and double the love.

  3. Replies
    1. You too !
      Now because of your post I want to see a baseball game

  4. They're all so cute! Watson and Hamish aren't territorial when other dogs are around?

    1. Watson is the best friend to any dog he is very sweet. thehamish doesn't like big dogs he had a bad experience with one as a puppy. But he always wants to be number one dog so big dogs are not the best choice for him.
      They all get along really great.

  5. Omg...they are so cute together. Great photos too!

  6. What a delightful pack of doggie fun!

  7. oh you lucky girl having all the doggie fun!!! yert!

    smiles, bee

  8. Love your sunrise pictures and the one of all four of them best. What a fabulous view you have. Our views are great, but you have to go out on the moor to see them!

    1. That is the main reason I bought this house. It needed lots of repair which I didn't really want to do but I bought the house anyways.

  9. p, my daughter would be in heaven at your place this week. What with all those beautiful animals and a pool! :)

    1. Send her over... they love anyone who will sit on the floor with them. I can't get up and down anymore and we all miss that floor time.

  10. Feeding regimes! Yes - we have a complicated system here! By the way you asked how far away from the beach we are - it's a 5 minute drive, about 2.5 miles to our little gem of a beach.

    1. It has been fine till dinner today. It was like herding cats !
      I miss the beach so much. My last two home were right at the beach. One was a 1 minute walk down some stairs and the last one was a 5 minute walk. I love where I live now but I so miss the ocean.

  11. Truffles looks so happy in that picture. I just want to pet his nose.

  12. Oh - lovely pictures. But sad looks from behind the bars :)
    I wonder how it would be if they all decided to get into the pool... :)

    1. Thank goodness jumping in the pool is not something they do !
      Wet pool dogs do not smell really great.

  13. Glad to see the dogphoon is well!

    1. I need to find a place to use that great word.
      DOGPHOON !