Monday, July 15, 2013

parley view parsnip. . . monsoon clouds

My Monday post about what is going on around my home in Tucson.
Early morning storm blew in, not the norm for this time of year.
The usual monsoon day starts with sunny blue sky and fluffy white clouds appearing over the mountains lazily floating over the valley.  As the morning turns into afternoon, thunderhead clouds start building up till the typical fast moving rainstorms appear.

Morning rain on the pool.
Just had the paloverde tree cut down that was left of the tiny pool house.
As much as I don't like cutting down any trees on my property, this tree was badly trimmed by the former owners and had become a danger in the strong winds that zoom through this area.

and the fountain in the front yard.

An hour later the storm was gone,
sunshine, blue sky and fluffy clouds moved in.

In the pool for my exercise between the storms.
Gud old dug Dr. Watson keeps me company while laying in the hot sun.
It must feel so good on his old bones.

Beautiful clouds

reflected in my bedroom windows.
This room looks north over the pool to the Catalina Mountains.

ummmmm yes, I am in the pool watching the clouds float by.

The clouds building up over the Catalina mountains,

reflected in the living room windows.

Here is another view 

reflected here

and here again, in the living room windows.

The weather has been somewhat cooler just under 100 so it has been quite lovely.
A real treat for us desert dwellers.


And here is your pretty to start the week

A Paloverde seeding growing in my garden.

cloudy. . . parsnip
music. . . Rainy Night In Georgia,  Brook Benton
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  1. Hmm, rainy night? Nice views from the pool.

    1. My small yard looks so strange without the tree.
      The pool is very simple but I love it. I had it redone when I move in.

  2. I LOVE your house. I haven't seen it from the outside like that before. Very envious of your pool - it's EXTREMELY hot here at the moment and I've swum in the river and the sea. A pool would be nice though!

    1. I am very envious of my pool. I am so lucky to have one.

  3. beautiful! just beautiful!!! yert...

    smiles, bee

  4. A beautiful house, Parsnip!

    And Doctor Watson is always good company.

    1. I love my Dr. Watson but you knew that already, no ?

  5. Ahhhhhh..... I never minded being caught in the monsoon, it was the aftermath of heat and damp that was stifling. Stlll, it makes for a very pretty sky, and great photos! New word: DogSOON: dogs in the summer rain in Tucson.

    1. hahahahahahah I don't mind being caught in the monsoons either, it is the lighting strikes that are scary. It cools off some what after the rain so it is nice.
      OMG ! DogSOON ! hahahahahahahahahahahahahah

  6. Dang! I know I read this post last night, and I THOUGHT I left a comment. Either Blogger ate it, or my mind is slipping. (ahem) Must be Blogger...

    Your house has such a commanding presence. Its sharp angles are very eye-catching, and yet it nestles into the landscape so naturally. What a wonderful place to live. Those mountains... the crystal blue sky... that inviting pool. Just beautiful.

  7. I was pleased to see that seedling growing after you had to cut down its 'mother' parsnip!
    You certainly live in a beautiful house and a beautiful area too.

  8. I always think your house looks wonderful Parsnip. And I like the ultra modern design. I am gradually building up a picture of it in my mind.
    What a fabulous azure sky!

  9. It is a lovely house in a beautiful setting where the scenes are always changing.