Monday, July 22, 2013

parley view parsnip... reflections

Yea ! Blogger and Picasa are fighting again so I am posting from Picasa web album, so my post will be some what wonkie.  Much like me !

I love the reflection of the monsoon season weather in my pool and windows.

                                        Sunrise from my bedroom window.

                                                        Sunset storm clouds.

                                                    Evening clouds looking west.

Afternoon clouds.

           The blue sky reflected in the pool. The pool color changes through out the day.

                                            I love this M.C. Escher effect.

                                          It looks like my pool is in the living room.

                                                     Or I am inside looking out.

                                                       This one is a favorite.

And here is your Monday pretty...
But not a reflection.
I love when the clouds leave these great shadows as they move across the valley.

cloudy. . . parsnip
music. . . Beautiful Day. . . U2


  1. beautiful!!! and you had yellow sky too! yert...

    hugs, bee

    1. The last few days the sunrises are better than the sunset.

  2. Nice. The first shot is my favorite - the reflection in the water is quite striking.

  3. Spectacular shots.

    The mountains look very inviting....

    1. I think you would enjoy our mountains, especially in the summer.
      But not at all like your Canadian ones, nit as much snow.

  4. Wow, great shots. Your pool area is fabulous!

    1. awwwwwwwww, thanks it is small but I like it.
      When I moved in I had to have it redone the tiles were bad and the pool had two cracks.

  5. Replies
    1. Thank you, I loved your beach view from the other day.

  6. I LOVE them all. I have had some of my holiday landscape photographs made into canvases - love the effect in the lounge. memories and anticipation.

  7. Of course, a photograph is itself a reflection, so what you really have are reflections of reflections.

  8. All beautiful shots, Gayle!

    Blogger tends to be unpredictable. If I could get my followers to stay with me, I'd dump Blogger and just post on WordPress.

  9. It would be fun having an indoor pool but your photos are incredibly beautiful and everything is perfect. The Escher idea is phenomenal. Brings new meaning to bringing the outside in....

  10. Such a lovely pool. I like the bright sunny day best, and the reflection of the evening sky the second best.

  11. Oh Picasa. Why do I still use it? Because I have forgotten how to do anything else.