Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Wednesday in Japan... Cooking with Dog


I was reading comments on a friends blog and one  commentor was taking about how awful having ketchup on eggs was. Only on french fries.
Well after I stopped laughing I thought about all the times  have squirted some ketchup next to my scrambled eggs or had tomato slices instead of potatoes.
Now this is from a person who rarely uses ketchup and I only buy the small bottle that can last a year. Thank you preservatives hahahahahahahahahah ... preservatives they are the glue that is holding me together and keeping me alive !

This got me thinking of a favorite Japanese dish called Omuraisu.  Usually found on children menu but a standby for any Japanese or Korean family.
I have already posted about this favorite quick, tasty and healthy dish but her comment got me thinking.

Lets have Francis give us a cooking lesson.
Cooking With Dog (don't go there) is one of the only cooking show I watch now. Plus I love the way he says onion ! So kawaii !
Omuraisu is a great example of "Yoshoku" Japanese food that originated in the west but has been changed to suit Japanese palettes.
Since this is a cooking show Francis is making a very nice rice filling. Usually it is just leftover rice with maybe a small chop of chicken, ham or for me kimchi and a dollop of ketchup.

In fact I think this might be my dinner tonight so much better than a hamburger and fries !

kinchi. . . parsnip
music. . . River Side,  Joe Hisaishi


  1. Hello Gayle:
    Love, love the cooking with the dog!! Surely this will catch on worldwide if only you advertise this enough!

    This reminds us of a cooking programme called 'Two Fat Ladies' who used to lick their fingers and wore bright nail varnish.....!!!

    Tomato ketchup....oh dear no!!!

  2. hahahahahaha... I know the "oh no ketchup" feeling but for some reason it works. Why ? I have no idea and I don't even use ketchup on my fries.

  3. I cook along with Bing - I dont have any option really as he lays on my feet! Think it has legs? lol I mean as a program idea? me walking round the kitchen with Bing on my feet? RSPCA at the door must dash! lol!

    1. This is a program that has been on for such a long time. When ever I need a giggle or what to refresh a recipe I check it out.

  4. P.S. Ketchup - secret ingredient in a Spagetti Bolognese!!!!!
    I can hear you now.......................OH NO!

    try it..........

    just one tablespoon................

    go on.......

    you know you want to!

  5. Go on go on go on go on!
    (Line from father Ted!)

  6. Replies
    1. Denise, send me your address.... just go on m profile and get my e-mail

  7. i cook with ketchup all the time but cannot tolerate looking at it in the morning at breakfast. am i the bad girl you are talking about(!).... ha ha ha and the thought of garlic and eggs gags me too. but i did like the video!

    yert to the square boys!

    smiles, bee

    1. I know about ketchup in the morning a small dollop next to my scrambled eggs really works sometimes. Not always !
      And the garlic is in the fried rice and I never make the rice special it is always just what I have leftover from the day before.
      People use to make omelets for lunch and dinner with sausage, peppers, potatoes, onions..... this is kinda just like that only not so involved and heavy.
      Your friend was commenting on your blog and you are never bad but we all have our likes and dislikes.
      Isn't Francis a hoot. One time she was cooking with fish and he was besides himself he wanted to eat that fish !

  8. You made me hungry parsnip. I don't put ketchup on my eggs but if there are home fries on the plate, I like ketchup so some always gets on the eggs.

  9. Oh dear, the title had me worried for Hamish! Close your eyes Watson! LOL Catsup or ketchup? :) Ick.

  10. Omurice is also on the menu at Tonbo.

  11. I hate to say it but I agree with your friend. No ketchup! (This is where I post a disclaimer saying I've never actually tried ketchup because I cannot stand the smell). Sad because both this and the rice balls with ketchup gross me out.

  12. hee hee...
    «Louis» confesses to liking ketchup on scrambled eggs and hash browns, especially if there are grilled onions in the mix.

    The Tolrunt Libruls of the '50s and '60s used to make fun of Richard Nixon because he liked catsup on his scrambled eggs.

  13. Hi Parsnip

    no ketcheup for me except on things made with ground beef!
    we expect a blizzard here
    will keep you posted!

    woof from Buster

  14. I love ketchup on cottage cheese.

  15. I prefer my eggs entirely plain, but I'm usually the one getting made fun of for it, so you're probably in the right here.

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  17. My sister-in-law loves ketchup on lots of different foods. Including eggs...