Monday, February 4, 2013

parley view parsnip... leftovers

I like leftovers.
There are the food kind. The wonderful meal reheated the next day, so much better.
Maybe chopped up and add to a soup, stew, a savory turnover, ramen or a rice bowl.
The leftover scraps of material made into a stuffed toy for a child or gud dug.
Paper scraps torn, cut and glued to make a card to send to family and friends.
Then there is the leftover photos that really don't seem to fill a post by themselves
but put together for leftover post today.


This years calendar for family and two friends, who I knew would love to have
The Square Ones all year.
After I sent this off to the printer I though why didn't I write a little story
about each photo ?

Watson is the most beautiful dog very friendly and loves everyone.
But he does not like to have his picture taken. Ever !
So it is always very hard for me to get a good photo of him.
One day I was in the pool and as always The Square Ones will lay down and nap.
I was able to get a nice head shot of Watson pool level before he turned his head.

The Two Headed Dog Of Tucson
thehamish is very attached to me but his touchstone is Watson.
Poor Watson puts up with a lot from him.
About a month after my move as I was unpacking boxes and putting books away in the library.
 I looked down to see Watson trying to nap, in what I think is a too small basket but
The Boys love it.
There was thehamish smooched in, while Watson as always just let him.
I think it took them some time to adjust to the move and thehamish as always needed some extra help.

Is this not the most perfect Calendar for me ?
Wonderful blog friend Elizabeth of several fabulous blogs, was sent this from a friend in the UK.
When she and a friend looked at it they both said The Square Ones.
She sent it to me and I waited and waited and waited and almost two months later in the mailbox after I thought I would never see it.... There it was !
The stamps were not cancled and it was in perfect condition.
Where or where did it go all that time ?

Close up of the Scottie that looks just like thehamish when he has done something naughty
and hopes I will never find out about what he has done.

Today, The Square Ones are in The crate together.
thehamish has been very naughty again
and I think is trying to be as invisible as possible.

I made some quick Japanese pickeled carrots.
Wonderful on salads, sandwitches, chopped on rammen or a rice bowl.

I also threw in a few slices of a pepper.


And just because I can....
Here is your pretty to start the week

A watercolor and pencil sketch sent as a birthday gift.
I don't know why this photo is so dark ? when I posted it to blogger it was so much brighter.
Will try to post it again.

leftover. . . parsnip
music. . . Twist and Shout,  The Beatles
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  1. Hello Gayle:

    We are definitely with you on leftovers. Indeed the casserole which keeps on getting heated up tastes better each time we find when all those flavours intensify.

    The calendar of Hamish and Watson is so adorable and surely you could write a story for every month of the year!

    1. I really love leftovers !
      Each months starts I will post the photo and the story about it.

  2. ahhh, so the story goes! and the hamish was not gud? no way....


    smiles, bee

    1. Really.... do you not know thehamish by now.....

  3. Yum on the leftovers and carrot salad. Cute on the rest, especially the doggies!

    1. Quick Japanese pickling is the best. I have some daikon picking right now.

  4. I got a laugh out of your mentioning the Hamish hoping you'll never find out what naughty thing he just did.

    1. I get that look a lot plus the tail wag that is just at the tip going really fast.
      He is very naughty.

  5. Replies
    1. and they know it !
      Thanks for stopping by I looked at your blog, beautiful photos !

  6. The painting is beautiful. I'd love to see it a lot bigger!

    Leftovers definitely better....stews, curry, soup. We should all really cook everything the day before and put it in the fridge.

    1. The watercolor is very small 3 1/4 x 4 inches. Just a quick study that I went back to later and finished. The farther you are away from it the more you see the clouds.
      I love leftovers like you said definitely better plus all teh cooking has been done !

  7. What a great idea - a year with Bing! Wayhey!

    1. Yes ! you need to do a year with Bing and the snow, chicken, Freida, horses, puddles and of course sleeping !

  8. What did the Hamish do? Poor baby!

    These are definitely great leftovers!

    1. It is medical related but he still knew better !
      He is very naughty.

  9. So thrilling that the calendar EVENTUALLY ARRIVED