Friday, February 1, 2013

Square Dog Friday... Birthday wish !

It is Friday already, best day of the week according
to some Little Black Square Dogs.
So lets woof it....
Birthday wishes to nice tall person who lives in Japan
Hamish sings...

happy' birthday



happy birthday

to you

happy bithin'day happy bitheday happy birthday

to youuuuuuuuuu

Birthday wishes from Watson.

and from thehamish !
yert !

Son with daughter on a walk in the woods
and finding Totoro's home.
Happy Birthday to my son born on Groundhogs Day !
In Japan it is already the 2nd of February.
woohoo !

cheers. . . parsnip
music. . . Sampo,  OST,  My Neighbor Totoro

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  1. how adorable!!! and today i get to turn the page on my calendar!

    boys, that was great singing! yert!

    smiles, bee

    1. The Square Ones are happy to know that they are at lest with you in calendar form !

  2. A happy birthday to your son! And the boys are in fine form!

    1. They are they best and very helpful in anything party related

  3. Apparently the Square Ones have been good teachers. Norma and I were emailing yesterday back and forth. It started with her remarking on how good is spelled gud, progressed to her asking if I've learned anything from Hamish and Watson, and to which I said I've learned how to destroy chew toys inside of half a minute.

    Four of them thus far, and if you count that chew toy Elmo, that's five.

    Will Hamish and Watson share a chikin strip?

    1. hahahahahahah The Square One are always happy to help out their humans nice tall persons !

    2. Yeah, dream on--they're not going to give up their chikin strips!

      Love, love, love Square Dog Fridays!

    3. Norma, you are so funny but also so true !
      Chikin' strips are the best but only the ones not made in China.... like the milk they sell to their babies and children in China, they are filled with toxic chemicals. Dogs are dieing.
      I also make my own chkikin' strips for The Boys !

  4. Love the way the camera makes Hamish look like he has giant teeth. Like the Totoro?

    1. I know... his teeth look alarming but when he moves we get some strange photos.

  5. The picture above to youuuu, he looks like he's set to attack....

    One of my cousins shares your son's birthday.

  6. I know... what is so funny he has a very small Westie mouth (he dad was a westie mum was a scottie) and he had very small teeth. So I always laugh at these photos !

  7. Happy birthday from us here on the farm.

  8. How fun for your granddaughter to walk in the woods with her daddy looking for Totoro. Great pictures, Happy Birthday to Son and Happy Groundhog Day to you!

  9. Happy birthday to your son!

    «Louis» joins William Kendall in wondering if the Square Ones® shared a chikkin strip...


  10. lol... that was super cute!

    Happy Birthday to your baby boy :-)

  11. Your son is almost as cute as Hamish! Just kidding, you've got a good looking kid (and grandkid) there.

  12. Thank you so much mom! And thank you everyone here in the comments! I'm always a bit jealous that so many people nice people read and comment on her blog.

    Sorry for the late reply... My birthday libations were a bit too full of, well, libations. If you know what you mean.