Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Wednesday in Tucson... lights

I love Christmas lights !
I drive around at night and just look at them. Beautiful !
This is the  Paloverde Tree in front of my home
taken with three different setting on my camera.


This was a long exposure that I had to hold the camera still for.
I am really not able to do that but I rather liked the way this one came out.

For some reason when these photos posted the color dulled so much.
The colors were so bright and I lost all red ?
I seem to be having more and more color problems when I post from picasa directly to blogger. I am lost to understand why ?
I am rather frustrated.
I had my cards Christmas cards printed last week in November,
and ready to fold and put in the addressed and stamped envelopes. So far so good, right ?
Last night I started to fold them and realized they printed the cards on a semi-gloss paper.
The problem is when you fold it the paper the color cracks leaving a white line....
 aurg !
This is the second time something like this happened this year with the paper.
My fault because I was paying too much attention to the color and did not really looking at the paper.
So today I will run back and see if I can get the card reprinted on the right paper.
I just hope I can fold the card and get the mail to Japan and the UK out in time for Christmas delivery !
arugh !
I seem to be making lots of these small, silly, weird
and frustrating mistakes lately.

frustrated. . . parsnip
music. . . The Holly and The Ivy,  Annie Lennox
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  1. Wonderful tree! No mistakes there.

    I think it's usually overload that causes oversight. Just realised I've had a rather large one myself tonight - failed to order boys' school photograph in time. Metaphorically kicking myself.

    I think we all need to chill for Christmas. And it's getting very chilly here.

  2. hee hee....
    Even if the photos didn't come out as you wished, they were still enjoyable!

    Regards to the two little square black dogs...

  3. I like the middle one best but they're all beautiful.

  4. The photos are excellent. And don't worry sometimes a small imperfection enhances the beauty of the object.