Friday, December 14, 2012

Square Dog Friday....

It is Friday, the best day of the week
according to The Square Ones so lets woof it.

I have gone over to the dark side....
Yes, I did order this !

I could turn into the crazy cat lady who lives down the street with her 25 kitties.

now time for thehamish
here we sittin' lookin kinda wild

watson sitting and waitin'with an armidillo
for lady who is commin' to make us pretty

who is this.... im' thikin' its nice lady

now watson lookin gud and very regal

ummmmmmmm my ears staying really long
mumm giggles when shes is lookin' at me not knowin if im' likin that
but then i got cooki so its gud....

yesh we is lookin' gud watson lokkiin regal and nice he isa gud old duggie

we gots nice thingie tied on us with sparkly snowmens on it

im looking important and.... oooooooooooooooh lizard!

thats all from square dug thehamish
yert !

crazy. . . parsnip
music. . .  Christmas Time Is Here,  Vince Guaraldi Trio

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  1. Awe...they look so handsome. Sir Poops and Hair Ball have reindeer outfits to dress up in soon.

    Hugs and chocolate,

  2. oh! very pretty doggies indeed, very regal and handsome! yert!!!

    smiles, bee

    ps: to mum, i saw square dog sheets in pink when i was hunting for pink sheets, they popped right up! ha ha ha

    1. wahahahahaha... I have some very warm Square Dog flannel sheets. This year I bought some with holly on them just to be different.
      shhhhhhhhh don't tell The Boys !

  3. watson is the spit of our old scottie Maddie who died last year... I miss her dreadfully

    1. and I miss my little black Scottie Kirby. They get into your heart don't they.

  4. Replies
    1. She doesn't do the real fancy cut but Watson is in and out fast and he doesn't have to be at the groomers all day so it is better for him.
      Plus they like her so plus plus.

  5. Those are just the most darling dogs. Don't they look good with their snowman bandanas! Good for you for ordering the key finder. I need one of those and could be persuaded to buy one if it was shaped like a border collie.

    1. I will look for a Border Collie and if I ever find one... it has your name on it !

  6. Yay! I'm on time (for once) for Square Dog Friday!!!

  7. Oh you two - if you ae anything like my dog you won't look
    that smart for long - too many places to roll in unspeakable things,
    too much scratching holes in the garden. Mind you - they do look smart Parsnip.

    1. Well they don't roll in to many unspeskable things but the first thing they did do was run to the carpet and mush around their faces and backs hahahahahahahahahah

  8. I imagine living in Arizona, that's about as close as those dogs are going to get to a snowman.

    1. sent a e-mail ...
      no snow where I live but up the mountains that surround Tucson there is today.

  9. Woof! Louie want you to know, his mudder is calling the mobile pet groomer because he needs an overhaul.

    1. I should have called the mobile groomers sooner.
      So much easier on the dogs, Watson especially !
      They like the groomer so I will always ask for her. She has horses so extra "gud" sniffies.

  10. The holidays are a nice time to look all gussied up Hamish and Watson! You are both looking very handsome!

  11. Nice to know they will be all spruce for Christmas. An example to us all:)