Monday, December 3, 2012

parley view parsnip... IPYPIASM

Monday morning around my home in Tucson.
I am not a writer or poet ! ummmmmm I think by now you all know that.
But I seem to follow blogs of Poets and Writers.
They must cringe as they read my blog but being fabulous friends they never say a word.
Or a lest I can't hear them screaming at their computers. So we are all good or I think so ?
Sometimes it pays to be a really dense person.

Great blog friend "Titus the dog" is hosting the yearly, held in December, IPYPIASM.
What is a IPYPIASM ?
International Put Your Poem In A Shop Month
Short version...
The cute story is one poet had a conversation with another poet about submitting a poem to the magazine called "THE SHOp". Well the other poet was not really listening and somehow heard "I've got a poem in a shop"
and so IPYPIASM was born.
Read all about it here !
What you do is write a poem and place it in a shop, simple.
Gorilla Poetry ! Lurve it !
I am so there even though not in any stretch of the mind am I a poet.
Haiku yes but not poetry.

The poetry, stalking, sneaky, subterfuge and of course the police !
The running, the screaming, the handcuffs and of course the squeal of tires as I pull out of Bashas parking lot.
Hey, we can all use a shot of adrenaline.

So here is my very poor excuse of a poem at the Bashas Market.

Yeah... not so great but what a hoot !

Please check out the great poetry at "Titus the dog" blog where you can read the whole story, plus some real poetry.
One of the poems posted by Hope has to be about the Two Square Dogs.
Poetry !

ack. . . parsnip
music. . . Great Balls Of Fire,  Jerry Lee Lewis
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  1. I thought that was a pretty good poem.

  2. Oh, that's brilliant! There's a delightfully surreal edge to it. The whole story actually - the squeal of the tyres?! So impressed. What is the Bashas market?

    Dove is a type of soap over here, which made me laugh even more.

    Bravo parsnip! I fear Paul Revere is abroad over there as the USA is trouncing all comers at the moment. But the British (and Irish) are coming. I hope...

  3. I like your poem about turning into a pear. Lovely.

  4. Don't underestimate the vast amount of bad poetry out there! Yours is great I think.

  5. I'm ALREADY a pear - does this mean I'll now become giant pear?

  6. We don't cringe, Gayle! We love your posts!

  7. Hahaha! Nice. I've dont this... with very different material however.

  8. Poetry has meant much to me over the years but I no longer attempt to write it.

  9. I love the idea of guerilla poetry. Good for you for following through.

  10. We definitely love your posts! Particularly when chocolate is brought into the picture...