Friday, June 29, 2012

Square Dog Friday...what we do for a treat

woof !
nice tall person whats me to say...
ish really hard to hold camerera chkikin' and play witf us
i say just play with us and put down camerera
mmm k ?

but then you wouldn't see thehamish and watson
whats to do ?

oh woe is me...

Whot happen here ?
gud dug thehamish should be firsh.
watson just sits tere
idoing all the hard wok yesh good dug thehamish shake hand and roll over
chkikin chkikinchkikin so gud  chkikin' strip gudgudgud gud !

chkikin strip gud !

yert !

chkikin'. . . parsnip
music. . . Sexy Boy,  Air


  1. Ah yes, it's the same all over the world, Parsnip. A dog will do anything for a chicken strip.

    1. I think chicken might be the most perfect food, especially for Little Square Black Dugs !

  2. MTL - in the next room - heard me laughing out loud and thinks I'm going barmy:) I must play it to him.

    1. I laugh too even though I have seen this clip many times. I have one where Hamish is so excited he is trying to shake hands and roll over at the same time. The anticipation of the chicken strip.

  3. MTL appreciated the boys. They remimded him of his Grandma who came from Inver(our house-name) and always had Scotties. The ones he remembers were Bunty and Sheila.

    1. Scotties are GUD !
      I love the name Bunty so perfect for a Scottie.

  4. Clever dogs! Very sweet boys.

    When my Border Collie heard your voice he came over to the computer and gave me his paw, then looked a bit confused! Now I`ll have to go and find him a treat.

    1. Ummm they are sweet but....
      This morning Hamish, who is diabetic, drank so much water before I could get him to eat, he needs to eat before I can give him his Insulin shot so now I have too wait an hour before I can start all over again. I can't wait too long because it through off his evening shot. le sigh....
      Your comment is one the sweetest comments I have ever received. It started my morning off with a huge smile and a giggle. Sorry about the treat, was it a chicken strip ?

  5. This video is perfect! It's hilarious that Hamish is rolling over into Watson. Poor Watson, his brother is such a blockhead.

    1. Yes he is a blockhead. Poor Watson puts up with so much from Hamish.
      But part of that was my fault not getting him to move over.

  6. They're cute AND talented! Love these guys!

  7. Watson seemed to take Hamish rolling into him in stride.

  8. Dear Parsnip,
    Do hope you are feeling better and that the Square Guys are cheering you up?
    LOVED the fox drawing.
    Weaver is totally one of my favorite bloggers.
    I really think she should do a book.

    lots of love
    Elizabeth and Buster

  9. wow now that is one smart cookie, well two but who's counting?


    smiles, bee

  10. These two are so utterly adorable, and they know it. It's fun to see one or two of their videos!