Monday, June 4, 2012

parley view parsnip... wildfires

My Monday post about what is going on around my home.

Five wildfires are marking the start of the 2012 wildfire season in Arizona.
This Friday photo taken from my backyard looking at the Catalina Mountains shows the hazy air quality in Tucson.

Interesting that this smoky air is not from the Arizona fires but from the Whitewater-Baldy fire.
New Mexico's biggest wildfire.
It is in very rugged inaccessible area of Gila National Forest.
As of yesterday it has burned 240 thousands acres
with only 17% containment, it will be burning for months.

Extremely sad news today,  two firefighters were killed when their air tanker crashed fighting fires in Utah.

Sometimes the smoky, hazy air can make some interesting sunsets.
This weekend the strong wind stopped gusting so the skies over Tucson were clear and the air quality was much better.

It will be a long and horrible fire season this year.

Some lighter weekend news...

Waldie came over to swim in the pool this weekend.
It is great therapy after his back surgery.

So cute in his little life jacket.
Swim Waldie  Swim ! 

What  a sweet dog.

This very cute Cabana Boy does not like the water.
Hamish likes to watch Waldie swim because some nice chicken strip treats are involved.

Meanwhile Cabana Boy Watson is inside where is it cool.
Hey,  I'm a Little Square Black Dog about four inches off the ground...
it is a bit too hot outside for me !

swimming. . . parsnip
music. . . Is It Any Wonder,  Keane

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  1. The top picture - one can almost smell the smoke.
    Seems nowhere has the perfect climate. The firemen are heroes.

    1. After having my home burn in the 1993 Laguna Beach wildfires I can always smell smoke in the air.
      The start of wildfire season is one season I could do without.

  2. June is my least favorite month because of the fires, so sad to hear about the firefighters. Looks like Waldie is doing great! Nice pictures. :)

    1. I love June because of my Mothers Birthday but I understand the what June means to Arizona.
      Waldie is doing much better he went from not being able to move or walk with his back legs, an operation and months of therapy to being able to walk. He still drags his left side but daughter is very good at exercising him.

  3. oh i hate those smokey days, we get them sometimes, from either the fires or when they burn the sugar cane fields. awful. asthma all around.

    the little square boys won't swim? oh. sorry. i wish they would.

    smiles, bee

    guddoggetchickenstripoboy! yert!

    1. Goodness, I knew about fires in Florida but I didn't know about the sugar canes fields.
      I am rather glad that The Square Ones don't like the water. Wet dog smells so bad.

  4. Waldie had to have back surgery? Good greif! He looks so stoical and I do I hope he makes a full recovery. X

    1. Waldie is very special and is making real progress on the walking.

  5. I wondered how far the fires might be from you.

    Always love seeing the boys...including Waldie!

    1. They are not as close as last year but the smoke is worst I think. My lungs are killing me !

  6. Poor Waldie! Back surgery is grim. Swimming is so good; he must be delighted to be able to move around in the pool!

  7. I've occasionally seen brilliant sunsets caused by forest fires much further away in the province. I remember once smelling the scent of it, but it was from a fire that was hundreds of kilometres away.

  8. And the gang, of course, look as pleased with themselves as ever. Waldie seems to enjoy the water!

  9. nice posting.. thanks for sharing..