Monday, June 18, 2012

parley view parsnip... monsoon and a dog

My Monday post about what is going on around my Tucson home.

Early Saturday morning.
For weeks Tucson has been having great, although hot weather hovering around 105, no humidity and lots of blue sky with no clouds.
Our news and weather people speak of nothing but la ninas, la ninos water currents
dew points with hovering high and lows.
It's monsoon madness !
When you live in the desert, the hint of rain is number one on our summer important list.

So, after weeks of clear blue skies and high temperatures

waking up Saturday morning to see clouds being blown into the valley and surrounding mountains  was wonderful.

Clouds gathering over the Catalina mountains

 and being swept along

looking like reflections on water.

There was only a 2% chance of rain in the mountains but...

rain clouds building over the Rincon mountains

that moved in fast.

and then rain drops appear,

running down my window.

the storm moved away, leaving us with a lovely sunset.
It is early for the monsoon season but I hope this was a hint of rain to come.

Here is your pretty for the start of the week

some tiny flowers

placed in a small glass

and of course thehamish place in the studio work sink
getting a quick bath.
Don't know how pretty but he sure smells better !

monsoon. . . parsnip
music. . . Morning In Norkia,  Dolce Triade

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  1. Hello Gayle:
    What an amazing sequence of photographs showing the build up of the rain clouds. We cannot imagine what it must be like to live day after day with such very high temperatures. You must be so very thankful when the proper rains do come which, we trust, will not be before too long.

  2. They must be the cleanest dogs in Tucson.
    Those skies are heavenly - an ever changing scene - like outdoor theatre with fantastic sound effects. Do the boys get nervous when the gods play nine pins?

  3. I'm thinking that if I tried to bathe my cat in the sink, he would just shred me.

  4. If you have any words of wisdom regarding words with pictures I will be most grateful.

  5. i love the photos and i remember living in southern arizona and how nice the rain felt! now it's a daily thing here in the summer but only around 4:00 for about an hour or so. not too bad.

    smiles, bee


  6. You lucky gal to get some rain - hope monsoon season will indeed be early and long this year. I so love summer rains, guess we all do down here.
    I remember when my daughter was first moving up to Seattle, thinking how nice it would be to have clouds all the time - she sure got sick of that fast enough :)
    Tin loved her bone and it looked so cute in her mouth but she had loved it too much by the time I got home from our trip :)

  7. It must be so different from living here parsnip - here we seem to get nothing but rain. We could do a bit of a swap.

    That Hamish looks adorable covered in water. Doesn't necessarily look to be enjoying it though.

  8. The photos are all gorgeous, Gayle...but I'm partial to the one of Hamish!

  9. Gorgeous skies, Gayle.

    And Hamish looks like he's begging to be released from the Watery Torture.

  10. I loved seeing the progression of the sky in your shots. Everyone tells me I need to experience monsoon season there.

  11. How I wish we could share some of your sun and you could share some of our rain! :D

  12. Pretty, pretty, pretty clouds, raindrops, flowers and yes, squeaky clean Hamish! :D

  13. They're all good, but I especially love that picture of rain running down the window. Very evocative.

  14. Great pictures... I hope you get to keep the rain tho- we do not need it here, what with Hay season upon us.

  15. Rain? Oh the Rincon area needed it because of recent fires in the area. Yeah. We had no rain here. Cute little bath time!