Thursday, January 21, 2010

West Coast Storm !

West Coast Storm !, originally uploaded by angryparsnip.

West Coast Storm is coming . . . .

Lots of weather coming to Arizona, snow and rain all over the state
and we need it ! In the north Flagstaff is snowed in and the south we
are getting rain !

Trying to get some pictures of the snowy mountains but the low hanging
clouds are blocking the views .
Today the Catalina Mountains will get around 8 inches of snow and
tomorrow 16 inches. Needless to said no traveling up the mountain till

It has been raining off and on in the valley/foothills all morning
that is good news for us but the bad news is the storm is bringing
winds of 40 mph with gust up to 65 mph.
Yikes ! As one NBC weather reporter use to say " tie down the trash
can and small dogs".
Love the rain not really happy with the wind.

stormy . . . parsnip
music . . Blue Black Sky. . . David Bridie


  1. I hope your roof is well secured. Better keep those two little black square dogs inside, too. Wind is the only weather condition I can't cope with, though I quite like the sound of it if I'm safely inside. Keep safe, X

  2. Eryl. . .

    Oh Thanks... My home is on top of a rise so I get the winds full force... so far so good.
    I like the breeze and wind just not the kind that can knock you over.
    I sent you a note, hope it can make there with all the bad weather on both sides of the ocean.

  3. I hate it when the French window in the bedroom bursts open. And I'm always the one to get out of bed to close it.

  4. Pat. . .
    We had French Doors at the house by the ocean and sometimes the rain would hit the door horizontal and the door would burst open, always at 2 AM !