Sunday, January 24, 2010

Catalina Mountains

Catalina Mountains, originally uploaded by angryparsnip.

Everyone was out Saturday Morning trying to get the best view of the
Catalina Mountains as the storm clouds were lifting. A few minutes
later they dropped down again and the scene was lost.
So glad I jumped in my car and zoomed out to get a better view of the
This photo was taken about 4 minutes southeast of my home .


  1. Now that's what I'm talking about!

  2. Great photograph! I love the juxtaposition of bright green trees and snow-clad mountains, and the broody sky is tremendous.

  3. Pat. . .
    I was a Spectacular Morning !

    Eryl. . .
    The Tucson desert always has lots of green any season and with snow it is really unusual.
    I think that is why we have so many people wintering here. They can see snow but don't have to shovel it ! A few days of clouds/rain/snow and then several days of sun.

  4. I've been looking at this picture for a few days now, it's so beautiful. I love how you can just feel the winter!

  5. I just imagine how it is. And I suppose it is. nice shots -- these two posts.

  6. Perfect Tucson weather! Great shot too! Quit making me homesick! :P

  7. A Lincoln. . .
    I was a beautiful morning and It also smelled so good ! Tucson in winter is spectacular.

    Molly. . .
    You really can feel winter but it wasn't that cold when I was out taking the pictures.

    David. . .
    It was Perfect Tucson Weather ! and just wait till you see the next mountain photo. . . right before the rain started... a " David" shot.