Wednesday, October 7, 2009

台風の夜明け Typhoon dawn

台風の夜明け Typhoon dawn, originally uploaded by kamoda.

My son who lives in Nishonomiya Japan, near Osaka, was blogging, e-mailing and talking to me as the typhoon hit Japan. If you want to see more photos please check his blog to the right.

Where he lives they had lots of rain and downed trees all over the roads but all is well and his school started class in the afternoon. The Typhoon veered off and thank goodness missed his town.

This picture was uploaded by " kamoda" . . .Thank You for allowing me to share this amazing picture.

amazed. . . parsnip
music. . . Rainy Day. . Tatsuro Yamashita


  1. What a variety of skies you show. I'm just going to pop over to your son's blog.

  2. PI. . .

    Thank You, I am always amazed by the clouds and the sky they are in. . .

  3. I know they cause a lot of havoc, but I can't help but find typhoons exciting! maybe because I was born during one, in Okinawa...beautiful photo.

  4. Crazy weather is fun. It makes sleeping an adventure.