Friday, April 28, 2023

Square Dog Friday, Spring is everywhere.

Night Blooming Cereus/ Trichocreus
White Flower=Flying Saucer
They bloom at night and stay open in the morning long enough for the Bees to visit. 
Then they fade away. It has been so hot and windy that they fade away fast.

I love this blog
Plus this is a Hedgehog Cactus Love any Hedgehog.

Hedgehog Cactus in Daughters garden.

 Arizona is wonderful..... we even have Aurora and great Sunsets. 

Lots of animals and birds running about before the hot summer hits !
Coyotes, Javelins, Quail  and Crows/Ravens ? are running amok. 
The  Square Ones are on watch and chasing them all away.
Lots of barking !

cheers, parsnip 



  1. Oh those cactus flowers. We used to have those types in Southern Calfornia. I need to see if I can find one here for the terrace.

    1. Have you seen the one called Apple ?They are FABULOUS.... I will try to find my photos. I love the Flying Saucers... You know how close I am to Area 51 !

  2. You do live in a beautiful place! Those flowers are so lovely and your photo of the skies is fabulous! I live in Illinois and right now we have bluebells blooming - lovely fields of it - I wish I could attach a photo for you to see.
    Glad to see the gud dogs on patrol!

    1. We do have a very different Southwest vibe going on .
      I have always wanted to see fields of Bluebells, like the photos of England.
      Maybe Illinois would be closer.
      Hope you are fine with all the strange weather !

  3. Such beautiful exotic flowers and wonderful skies too The square ones look to be enjoying themselves - hope you are too. x

    1. Wellllllllllllll.. they are having fun while protecting the home but maybe not the neighbors ?
      I need to find Lemon Cheese !

  4. Your cactus plants are MARVVELOUS! It seems my killer houseplant thumb has returned, so it looks like faux plants are in my future! Love those gud dogs!! xoxo

  5. I remember what a massive impact the desert made on me when I first visited. Az is indeed an amazing place and I always like your sunset photos.