Tuesday, December 6, 2022

Islands in the sky.

So happy with much needed rain.  Four days of gentle
 rain that soaks into the soil and replenishes the earth.
The Tohono O'odham people of the area call this season 
of winter rains the Female rain as opposed to the  
violent Male Summer rain that are very destructive.

Islands in the Sky.

Beautiful tree this year.

iwinston  loves Christmas.


I put up one the 24 Days of Christmas hangings. 
David and I filled it with lots of treats for

I love this photo, they are all friends !

cheers parsnip



  1. You found the perfect tree! It looks so pretty. It is nice that the gud dogs don't try to play with it! :)

    1. David and Mia went out and picked up the tree. They did a great job. I am lucky the gud dugs and kitties never bother the trees.

  2. Love the tree. So pretty and that pup at the end. Too cute.

  3. Replies
    1. He loves that one pillow the best. When they were jumping around the pillow move/slids around making play much better

  4. What a perfect tree! We’re also getting some much-needed rain. And we need a lot more.

  5. What a lovely tree That is a Christmas gift I give myself every year.