Saturday, September 17, 2022

Winston thy name is JERK !



Thursday night some of us were out till midnight looking for Winston and calling his name. Nothing !

I called the school that is down the street from me and told them about Winston. Friday morning the office called me and said they found our dog !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He was hiding in a bush on the edge of the school yard. 

David jumped into the car and zoomed up the road to the school

Seems some of the kids ran up to Mr. M, C. their teacher and said "we found a dog" Sure enough there was Winston under a bush shaking.This is the same spot that Adam, David Yuko and Mia walked by several times. (wish I could curse right now) This was were he was last seen running happily from David wind blowing through his hair and a smile on his face happy as fast as he could.

Winston was on the other side of the school fence and David had to climb and jump over. He handed "said naughty naughty naughty" Winston over to Mr. M. C.  Then almost ripped his leg off jumping over the fence again.

I was waiting in the garage for them and as David parked the car, Winston was sitting in the backseat proud as could be looking straight ahead like The King of Tucson.  The only thing missing was a wave ! He jumps from the car and walks straight to the door into the home waiting for me to open it.  

He is fine no sticks, leaves, dirt or bugs in his coat.  No scorpion or Rattlesnake bites. The Coyotes were out last night also. 

 Drank some water and laid down. If I wasn't so happy to see him I would have strangled him ! Reliving his adventure no doubt. 

Thank you all for the kind comments, we were so worried. He is a huge JERK but we love him.



  1. It is after 9 p.m. I had to check in before bedtime. I am so thankful and happy! Know how wonderful that he is home safe, sound and much loved. Agatha must be happy, too!

  2. I have been checking in regularly and am so happy to see he is home safe and sound. That is such good news.

  3. What a naughty boy!!!! Scaring your family like that!

    Seriously, though, I'm so relieved to read this update. I've been worried about that bad boy. I'm so glad he's home safe. xx

  4. Oh Winston! Deep sigh of relief over here that he's been found. Obviously, rules must be put in place to prevent any future "escapes"! I shall sleep much better tonight knowing that the Gud Dug is back home safe and sound. Hugs to all. X

  5. I'm so pleased he has been found safe and well.
    Best wishes

  6. I'm so happy he is safe and back home. And he is definitely a jerk for running off and worrying you!

  7. That is good news!

    Sir Winston Mandibles Churchill, you are so grounded.

  8. I missed this update last week. So glad he was found safe and sound!

  9. I missed the news of his return - the scallywag - but you love him too much to be cross with him for long - tell him scallywag from me.

  10. Probably a phase! 🤣Glad he's home!!🤍