Tuesday, June 28, 2022

Monsoons # 2

Some random monsoon photos. 

I like the way the clouds look with the screen partway down.


Monsoons storm moving through the mountains and valley can change in a second.


Winston loves this great toy.


Agatha is thinking....
noooooooyou needing to stay inside

and here he... be commmmmming.....


Found some happy to help make us smile.

This is so Agatha. As a gud dug who lived with a hoarder she is very interested in the 
shopping bags and of course the garbage cans. Foraging is her life !

cheers,  parsnip
I still need to get my computer fixed again or a new one.... arghhhh !
Between my eye problems, blogger and the fact I can't get on some blogs
I will get it fixed .... maybe ?





  1. I am having problems at the moment - very frustrating.

  2. These are beautiful pictures. I love the hint of a rainbow! I hope your eye and computer problems improve.

  3. Hi Gayle! It's good to see you posting. You always have the most wonderful sky views and photos! Please give those gud dugs a pat and a squeeze from me, George, and Poppy! :)

  4. Gosh, your dramatic skies are beautiful! I hope the rain has helped tame the fires. Hope your troubles clear up and the gud dogs stay happy!

  5. Winston looks so good with his toy, and I love the cat in the flowerpot meme.