Wednesday, June 1, 2022

Another very hot day !



Just a few photos. 
Lots of work being done on the home before monsoons start in two weeks.
Other news we are in out triple digits temps now. So far 102 + Lucky us !

cheers,  parsnip


  1. Even the photos show the heat. Beautiful shots.

  2. I know when you say it's hot there you are not kidding! Those sure are some beautiful flowers. Winston looks so cute in that picture with his butt up in the air and Agatha is such a pretty little lady!

  3. Wow, triple digits is too hot for this Yankee gal. But your yard and lovely tiled interior look very cool and inviting. The two gud dugs are adorable as always. X

  4. Love the photos of the cactus flowers and those dramatic skies. Hope the gud dogs are well and you are all staying cool!

  5. Lovely blooms and good dogs.

    Not sure my recent comments are going through. Some blogs the comments vanish completely within thirty seconds.